There’s a Brand Warrior Behind Everything We Do.

For more than 25 years we’ve held an organization-wide conviction, that it’s our job to be the front line promoting and protecting your brand. Some of the world’s most prominent industry leaders, from telecommunication giants to technology power houses entrust STARTEK to uphold their reputations and to safe-guard their hard-won customers. It’s why we’re known as Brand Warriors.

We work around the clock, around the world, and with great determination to ensure every customer interaction is one that authentically matters. It’s on this front line, in the moments of direct, person-to-person engagement, where the battle for customer loyalty lives or dies, and why we take our responsibility so seriously.

It’s how we do business — with our own customers and with yours.


Executive Team
Board of Directors
Chad Carlson
Chad Carlson
President & CEO
Cory White
Cory White
Chief of Sales & Marketing
Dr. James Keaten
Dr. James Keaten
Chief Science Officer
Don Norsworthy
Don Norsworthy
SVP, CFO & Treasurer
Pete Martino
Pete Martino
GM & SVP, Customer Support Services
Jay Kirksey
Jay Kirksey
SVP Human Resources
Wayne White
Wayne White
Chief Technology Officer
Board of Directors
Board of Directors

Vision & Career Highlights:

“Our industry has gotten stale and needs more than just incremental change. We empower our STARTEK Brand Warriors to engage differently from finance to IT. It’s both uncommon and refreshing and what I believe will differentiate us.”

With 25+ years in management, operations, strategic planning and business development, Chad brings expertise in virtually every facet of contact center know-how. Before leading the charge at STARTEK, he oversaw operations for a now billion-dollar contact center organization with 60,000 employees in 30 countries and has since refined his reputation as being somewhat of a specialist in turn-arounds for large companies and a first mover into new markets.

Friends Would Tell You:

  • Chad has an eclectic taste in music & food
  • Three kids ensure a full plate, a full heart and a dose of practical perspective
  • Believes in fostering relationships based on trust and mutual respect

Vision & Career Highlights:

Cory is a seasoned sales and operations leader who brings nearly 20 years of BPO experience to STARTEK and has a proven track record of growing businesses, managing high performing sales teams, and sustaining profitable growth. In Cory’s prior role he was responsible for a $250 million P&L across three service lines representing over 400% growth in three years from new and existing clients. Cory managed a dynamic team of sales leaders, account management professionals, program leaders, resource units, and consultants across all lines of service. Under his leadership, client operational delivery teams successfully implemented a global healthcare footprint of over 7,500 employees, 20 technology deployments, and hundreds of analytic engagements across six geographies. His career background also includes aggressive growth across healthcare lines of business and introduced new services resulting in contracts totaling $54 million in annual recurring revenue.

Friends Would Tell You:

  • Sports fanatic and passionate follower of the “Big Blue Nation” the Kentucky Wildcats
  • Nights and weekends are spent with his kids and logging 500+ hours a year at kid events
  • Very strong sense of urgency especially when dealing with his clients

Vision & Career Highlights:

Professor James A. Keaten earned his Ph.D. in Communication and Statistics from Penn State University. He was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship from Harvard University where he studied world religions. Prof. Keaten teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Northern Colorado including intercultural communication, quantitative research methodology, leadership, and organizational communication.

He maintains three research tracks: (1) reticence—the study of individuals who are chronically silent, (2) the challenges and opportunities of pluralistic interfaith dialogue, and (3) the relationship between communicative disposition and use of computer mediated communication. James has earned numerous research and teaching awards, including Distinguished Scholar, Professor of the Year, and College Scholar of Humanities and Social Sciences. His research has been published in numerous scholarly journals, including Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, and Japanese Psychological Research. He serves on the editorial boards of four national/international scholarly journals.

James also serves as Chief Science Officer for STARTEK. He has served as international consultant for the customer support industries globally, including India, Japan, Korea, Central America, and the Philippines. He has a successful history in business consulting, covering such topics as instrument development, intercultural training, psychometric analysis, leadership development, and strategic planning.

Friends Would Tell You:

  • He is happiest when spending time with family and friends.
  • Enjoys playing classical piano, especially the works of Chopin
  • Sees the contact center as the largest source of untapped value in most organizations
  • Made a commitment to lifelong learning and can’t stop taking classes, especially in the neurosciences!

Vision & Career Highlights:

I’m driven by the philosophy that the finance and accounting function is a service organization that should support the needs of all other departments within the company. That’s why I lead my teams to become strong analytical thinkers with a bias for prioritizing initiatives and taking action to drive results.”

With more than 30 years of experience, Don is highly adept at leading and restructuring organizations by building skilled management teams, re-engineering processes, and implementing best practices to drive results for both public and private equity owned companies in the BPO, retail, and manufacturing space. He is particularly skilled at plotting a strategic course of action and then executing against it to create and drive growth.

Friends Would Tell You:

  • He is happiest when spending time with family and friends…and when the University of Georgia wins an occasional football game
  • Has been blessed with great colleagues and mentors in business
  • Laser focused and conscientious that his functional area is a service organization for other functional areas in the company

Vision & Career Highlights:

“I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with BPO teams on literally every continent – except Africa. That has enabled me to anticipate potential pit falls and better yet, to educate my team to bridge communication gaps and make good decisions at every level.”

20+ years of global BPO experience, including 1st-in operations in international markets, and proven team building with even the largest, most complex of client engagements, make Pete a highly valued member of the STARTEK leadership team.

Friends Would Tell You:

  • Rain or shine Pete will be found outdoors
  • He’s as proud a Dad as there is to be found
  • Despite having traveled the globe, he never tires of seeking out undiscovered spots abroad or at home

Vision & Career Highlights:

“The thing that drives me (and sometimes wakes me up at night) is coming up with better ways to empower our Brand Warriors. We take constant improvement very seriously – in fact, I take it personally!”

A broad HR career has provided Jay with deep resources to pull from including industry experience in Aerospace, Airlines, Advertising and Manufacturing while also allowing him to draw from leadership experience spanning SVP Human Resources titles with multi national / multi $billion companies to independent business ownership.

Friends Would Tell You:

  • Major ski hound. 50+ days and a million vertical feet skied per year
  • DNA programmed to challenge how good is good enough
  • Focused on operating seamlessly when it comes to customer engagement

Vision & Career Highlights:

Wayne brings a broad spectrum of experience and expertise to STARTEK, including the development of technology and network designs, processes, products, and tools to drive business solutions and client offerings for the federal government as well as companies in the BPO and automotive manufacturing space. He is particularly skilled in network systems, Big Data analytics, and security as well as datacenter infrastructure, storage, and disaster recovery. Additionally, Wayne has been called upon to give expert testimony regarding telco regulatory and legal affairs. He holds a Six Sigma Black Belt, a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute, and is a Cisco Call Center Architect Expert (CCCAE).

Friends Would Tell You:

  • He’s a martial arts enthusiast and holds a Black Belt in Karate as well as a Black Belt in Kung Fu
  • Lead singer of Major Johnson and a published BMI songwriter
  • Loves spending time with his wife and four children

Ed Zschau
Chairman of the Board, STARTEK, Inc.
Senior Research Specialist at Princeton University

Robert Sheft
Director, STARTEK, Inc.
Executive Chairman, The Home Service Store, Inc.

Benjamin L. Rosenzweig
Director, STARTEK Inc.
Partner, Privet Fund Management LLC

Jack D. Plating
Director, STARTEK, Inc.
Former Vice President and COO, Verizon Wireless

Arnaud Ajdler
Director, STARTEK, Inc.
Managing Partner of Engine Capital LP

Chad A. Carlson
President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, STARTEK Inc.

Strategic Locations

  • STARTEK North America Locations:
    • Colorado Springs, CO
    • Grand Junction, CO
    • Greeley, CO
    • Greenwood Village, CO
    • Hamilton, OH
    • Mansfield, OH
    • Kingston, ON
    • Myrtle Beach, SC
    • Lynchburg, VA
    • Farmington, MO
    • Hot Springs , AR
    • Jeffersonville, IN
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Kingston, Jamaica
  • STARTEK Latin America Locations:
    • San Pedro Sula, Honduras
    • Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • STARTEK Philippines Locations:
    • Angeles City, Philippines
    • Iloilo City, Philippines
    • Makati, Philippines
    • Frontera Verde, Philippines

Community Matters

Every one of our centers has a program dedicated to improving and supporting the communities they are a part of through direct involvement and volunteerism. While we know paying it forward feels great, it also just makes good business sense. We’ve seen first hand what third party studies reinforce all the time — that engaged employees who have a sense of belonging, also have less absenteeism, lower turnover and are more profitable.

In addition to taking care of the communities our sites are in, STARTEK prides itself in taking care of one another during times of hardship as well. In 2014, STARTEK launched WIN (Warriors In Need), a foundation intended to provide basic necessities and temporary relief to any STARTEK employee as result of disaster or extraordinary life events.

The program was conceived by employees, for employees, and is primarily funded by STARTEK employee contributions to help one another in times of great need. The program is in its infancy, but has already proven to be an essential resource for more than one Brand Warrior facing a critical crisis.

In the past year alone, STARTEK employees have:


STARTEK is a comprehensive contact center and business process outsourcing service company lead by and focused on what we call our Brand Warrior culture. For over 25 years we have been committed to making a positive impact on our clients’ business results.

Our mission is to enable and empower, at every level of our organization, Brand Warriors to promote our clients’ businesses every day and to bring value to our stakeholders. Our success stories and results speak for themselves.