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2016 STARTEK Summit: Ready to Soar!

What do Olympic athletes and STARTEK’s team members have in common? Both are determined, focused, committed and have a very strong work ethic – they are great team players and love what they do.

The annual STARTEK Leadership Summit brought leaders from across the company to Denver to discuss STARTEK’s strategic objectives and measurements of success; each department’s vision and goals; and how to empower each individual’s role in the organization.

A few key discussions focused on ways to disrupt the traditional BPO model and how our current offerings led to being the most “Trusted Customer Engagement BPO”. From networking to team building exercises and bowling to an Awards Ceremony, the weeklong event united the company and produced many great ideas for growth and built stronger internal relationships.

Chard Carlson, CEO Kicking off the Summit

Above: Chad Carlson, CEO, kicking off the Summit

Highlights That Stood Out:

STARTEK invited a special guest to the Summit, 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist freestyle skier, Nikki Stone. Not only did she bring her Gold Medal for photo opportunities, she spoke about leadership and the importance of never giving up, specifically citing her Olympic story.

Above: Nikki Stone discusses leadership

Nikki discussed her motto, the “Turtle Effect”, that in order to be successful, you must be soft on the inside, have a hard shell, and be willing to stick your neck out. Her presentation was highly interactive, dynamic and was enjoyed by all.

Additionally, the team building exercises were one of the favorite activities of the Summit. This year’s challenge was to build bike. Each team came from different functional areas  across the company and earned pieces of the bike by completing challenges that focused on STARTEK’s vision, values, capabilities and background. Teams competed in word search, Q&A, a word puzzle, and each team created name along with a performance – think skit, song, dance, etc. – that incorporated the team name.

Above: Team Blue, comprised of Randy Fischer, John Hoholik, Marsha Bogart, Tess Tijidor, and Eric Concepcion.

The Summit wrapped up with an Awards Ceremony on Thursday evening with Jennifer Newton receiving the prestigious 2015 President’s Award for her positive, significant, measurable and sustained impact on STARTEK and its clients’ business. Jennifer’s extensive company knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism has made one of the single biggest impacts to the company. Congrats Jennifer, it’s truly a pleasure to work with you!

Additional 2015 STARTEK Impact Players include;

  • Mario Baddour – Corporate Vice President, Operations

  • Chris Black – Myrtle Beach Site Director

  • Chris Bondoc – Makati Operations Manager

  • David Bullock – Corporate Director, Account Management

  • Linda Chambliss – Corporate Vice President, Operations

  • Erin Contreras – Corporate Sr. Director of Compensation, Benefits, and HRIS

  • Sol Cruz – Makati Senior Operations Manager

  • Mindy Cubrich – Greeley Site Director

  • David Deluna – Tegucigalpa Director, Operations

  • Aves Fermo – Makati Senior Project Manager

  • Josh Harris – Corporate Director, Real Estate

  • Roland Hessen – Mansfield Senior Operations Manager

  • Jane (Frances) Hidalgo – Iloilo Senior Operations Manager

  • Paul Higdon – Corporate Director, IT PMO & TAM

  • Chris Higgins – Grand Junction Site Director

  • Arika Isaacson – Colorado Springs Operations Manager

  • Saeed Jamshidinezhad – Corporate IT Support Services

  • Becky Johnson – Corporate HR Generalist

  • Dwain Kent – Corporate Director, Professional Services

  • Shelley Kwik Mitchell – Frontera Verde Director, Training and Quality

  • Jason Lamacki – Corporate Director, Account Management

  • Gerald Lucas – Mansfield Operations Manager

  • Tom Luther – Mansfield Site Director

  • Jay Mathewson – Corporate Director, PMI

  • Thangie McDermott – Jamaica Senior Operations Manager

  • Mark Munsayac – Iloilo Director, Operations

  • Jennifer Newton – Corporate Director, Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Joy (Christine) Rivera – Angeles Senior Operations Manager

Information Technology Team – Corporate

  • Wayne White

  • Marsha Bogart

  • Jamie Vernon

  • Miguel Bonilla

  • Alan Castaneda

  • Don Davis

  • Mike Ely

  • Mark Schneider

The annual STARTEK Leadership Summit was a huge success and brought a greater sense of collaboration that provided a jumpstart on several cross-functional initiatives for 2016!