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4 Customer Engagement Tips for the Holidays

‘Tis the season for holiday steals, deals, sales and promotions. The holiday shopping season brings retail brands the opportunity to drive sales, maximize revenue, and strengthen their customer engagement. Every customer interaction offers the opportunity to create a positive brand experience and drive brand loyalty.

Here are four customer service tips to boost satisfaction during the holiday season.

Maintain consistent messaging across channels. Ensure that your brand is sharing the same sales content and promotional messages across various engagement channels. This boosts reach and impressions while attracting a variety of customers from different digital touchpoints. Share consistent holiday promotions and special offers on social media channels in addition to and sending promotional emails.

Staff-up to meet increased demand. This is especially important during the holidays because there are significant spikes immediately following the gift-giving season. Use this knowledge to staff accordingly to ensure people don’t get frustrated waiting on hold or in line for too long. Adequate staffing can help increase brand loyalty past the holiday season. Offering self-service options is another solution to keep up with the increased demand and engage with customers. Self-checkout and click-collect are both great alternatives to help save time for the customer while improving the overall experience during the busy season.

Don’t be a Grinch. A positive attitude goes a long way during the holidays. A simple gesture like a helpful hand and a smile can truly make a difference. A positive experience in-store or on the phone can ultimately translate into more sales.

Plan for damage control. If your website goes down or there is a glitch in the ecommerce system, the first places customers turn for answers is the company's Facebook and Twitter pages. Plan ahead and ensure customer service teams are prepared with the necessary tools  to keep customers happy.

Celebrate the business of the holiday season and focus on your consumers, a successful customer engagement strategy will take your company well into the New Year.