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5 Ways Brands Can Successfully Reach Customers Through Social Media

A strong social media presence is a crucial component of businesses large and small across all types of industries from retail to telecom. STARTEK understands that great social media can improve brand messaging, influence online sentiment and provide a valuable resource for customer service. 

Today, STARTEK supports social care programs across leading retail, manufacturing, consumer electronics, automotive, technology and ecommerce brands. Through social best practices the team maximizes every interaction. 

“In order to have a comprehensive brand strategy for social, a brand must embrace social care along with social marketing and social community management. A great social care strategy can increase customer loyalty, help improve brand perception and set your brand apart from your competitors. In addition, looking beyond Facebook and Twitter to areas other social areas like Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, Yelp and even Reddit will make sure that no customer, or potential customer goes unheard,” explains Roger Huff, director of social media & digital engagement for STARTEK. 

To understand the benefits, here are five ways brands can successfully reach customers through social media. 

Responsive Customer Service

If customers know that they can reach out to a brand through social media and are encouraged to do so, this presents an opportunity to provide great customer service in front of a large online audience. Quick, responsive customer service through social media ensures visible accountability for a brand and demonstrates the importance of quality customer care across a variety of mediums.  

Authentic Engagement

Rather than just focusing on the company and its products or services, utilize social media to educate and engage your customers in addition to providing the expected level of customer support. Be creative with social media content to establish your brand as a credible source. Share interesting industry news that aligns with your brand, ask engaging open-ended questions to promote social conversation and encourage existing followers to share with their own personal networks. 

Organic Community Growth

Social networks offer brands the unique ability to expand its share of voice and boost online sentiment within key audiences through social sharing and authentic engagement. Creating a sense of community among existing followers is a great way to gain new followers that share the same values while also establishing and maintaining trust with the brand. People are more likely to trust organic content shared by someone in their social network over sponsored content served to them through audience targeting. Brands have the opportunity to reach new audiences through existing follower networks in an organic, non-intrusive way. 

Understand Your Audience

With a myriad of existing social media platforms available to brands and more emerging by the day, it can be slightly overwhelming to determine which ones are most valuable in reaching company goals. The key to reaching customers on social media is understanding where they are spending their time consuming online content and how they are using social media to communicate with brands. By understanding customer habits and behaviors, brands can properly allocate resources and focus on the channels with the most opportunity for engaging customers and providing the best support. 

Be Flexible

Social media is always changing, so it is important to stay nimble and adjust your brand’s social strategy as the landscape continues to evolve. Evaluate social media efforts on a regular basis to ensure the existing strategy is meeting company goals and effectively reaching and engaging your customers. 

Whether your brand is just getting started on social media or already has an established social presence, the opportunity to reach and engage audiences online will only continue to grow as the emerging generation of connected customers turn to social media for education, entertainment and ongoing support from their favorite brands. 

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