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5 Ways Retailers Can Engage Customers on Social Media

Increased mobile connectivity and the growth of social media has created a variety of touch points across all phases of the customer lifecycle from product research to customer support. But are retail brands effectively utilizing social media networks to increase brand visibility and boost sales?

Here are five ways retail brands can better engage with customers on social media.

Post regularly

Customers are consistently browsing, sharing and posting on social media, even if a retail brand is not. To maintain ongoing engagement with customers, retail brands should post a steady stream of social media content including product updates, company news and relevant industry trends. Check integrated platform analytics to determine the best times to reach and engage with the target audience and maintain consistency by scheduling posts in advance.  

Get visual

Strong visuals are especially important for retail brands on social media because they are more likely to be shared and require less time and effort to process than plain text. Visual content also conveys emotion better than text alone, which is the foundation for establishing trust between brands and customers.

Include call to action

Tell social media fans what to do next by including a clear call to action that matches the goal of the post. Promote engagement by asking a question at the end of a post or requesting feedback in the comments, drive traffic to other sources by inviting fans to “sign up” or “click to learn more,” and even boost conversions with purchase features on some social networks.

Monitor and optimize

Regularly monitor social media analytics and audience insights data to better understand which types of posts are performing best. Regular reporting and ongoing performance monitoring allows retailers to make adjustments that optimize content for better engagement.

Join the conversation

Use discovery hashtags to join ongoing social media conversations as a way to reach new customers organically as well as engage with key influencers online. Ongoing social monitoring also helps retailers estimate the volume of conversation about various brands, products and trends at any given time.

From guiding purchase decisions with inspiring visual content to providing omnichannel customer support, social media offers an easy, non-intrusive way for brands to engage with customers.

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