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We’re Not Mind Readers – Why Communication Matters You’ve tried everything, but nothing you’ve implemented seems to have a significant or lasting impact on your customer satisfaction metrics. While standard approaches may help you meet certain goals like average handle time (AHT), they don’t significantly improve CSAT or NPS. What if a different approach existed that used human communication science to help your brand? Good news! It does. Read More
Building Rapport – Is it an Art Form? They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. While the average first impression is typically created within half a minute, in the engagement (contact) center, that timeframe is dwindled to mere seconds. Something as seemingly trivial as the pitch, volume and rate of the engagement specialist’s (agent’s) voice, collectively referred to as “vocal prosody”, can impact the customer’s mood and determine whether or not they are likely to engage in the conversation.... Read More
Optimism is Contagious Especially in Customer Service Are you a ‘glass-half-full’ person or a ‘glass-half-empty’ person? Your answer may determine whether you are perpetually an optimist – someone who always thinks that good things will happen – or a pessimist – someone who always thinks that bad things will happen. Read More
Being Present in a World of Distraction. Let’s face it. In today’s digital world, we are dominated by gadgets and technology that are supposed to make us more connected. But if you’ve ever found yourself struggling to stay present in a conversation, you’re not alone. According to a recent study from Microsoft, the age of the smartphone has actually left us with shorter attention spans than that of a goldfish. When it comes to engaging with your customers, you can’t afford to be distracted. So how do you stay present? Read More
Let’s Get Rid of the Hassle Factor – Make it Easy Growing up, most of us remember a certain green frog who vocalized frequently “It’s not easy being green.” Anyone who has aimlessly looked for a customer service number on a website, been stuck in IVR hell, or had to call a brand repeatedly to get an issue resolved has likely echoed a similar sentiment – “It’s not easy being a customer.” So why does an interaction between a customer and a brand have to be so painful? The truth is – it doesn’t. Brands should look for ways to... Read More
Press Pause on Conversational Backtracking – Maybe?? Why Reducing Conversational Backtracking is Important Do you remember the first time you used the rewind function on your tv remote? The ability to pause, rewind, and play live tv on demand gave you a level of control you’d never had before. No longer were you missing important moments due to household interruptions or being out of the room when your favorite program came back on. Read More