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The Chaos of Customer Returns It’s hard to believe but Christmas is less than one week away! Once all the packages have been unwrapped and decorations taken down, the real fun begins – dealing with all those returns. Returns are a burden on customers and retailers alike but for different reasons. Customers want a hassle-free return process that is quick and easy. On the other hand, retail fulfillment groups must have processes in place to check items back in and issue appropriate refunds while keeping track of... Read More
One Size Does Not Fit All: Using the Science of Dialogue to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Retail Industry Disruption is the name of the game in today’s retail industry. Digital retailers are merging with physical stores to reinvent the retail business model. Brick-and- mortar retailers are, in turn, offering innovative in-store experiences to attract more customers away from competitors. Read More
Going Back to the Future with Human Connection in 2019 In the 1980s sci-fi classic movie trilogy, Back to the Future, Marty McFly is accidentally sent back in time to 1955 where he must save the day. Later, he and Doc Brown travel to a futuristic utopia in the year 2015 with hoverboards and other technological advancements. After discovering their relationships were clearly not the same in future, they returned to their current year of 1985. Just like Marty and Doc, we understand that relationships matter in all aspects of life, especially... Read More
CX Trends That Will Continue to Make an Appearance in 2019 In 2018, consumers have tons of options when it comes to connecting with brands, including interacting through digital and social channels as well as through artificial intelligence (AI). No, chatbots did not completely take over the world, but we think they are here to stay…at least for now. As brands look ahead to 2019 and beyond, they will continue to face the ongoing challenge of creating lasting, positive interactions with consumers. Read More
Be a Human: Using the Science of Dialogue to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Technology Industry From smart home appliances to artificially intelligent digital assistants, to wearables such as fitness trackers, the consumer technology industry continues to change how we live at a pace that can be mind-boggling for consumers. While consumers are more attached to their devices than ever before, they face greater complexity and frustration — from knowing which device to purchase to troubleshooting problems to understanding how billing for subscription-based software works. Read More
Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday - Is your Customer Service Team Ready? Group t-shirts have been made, alarm clocks are set, coupons have been clipped, and online sales notifications are turned on. Customers are geared up and ready to snag some hot deals during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Are you? Whether you’re a small business or larger retailer, preparing your customer service team ahead of time will help you survive the holiday madness. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting trampled. Read More