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Customer Engagement  and Today's Consumer Consumers today have a new set of attitudes and outlooks that have been shaped by experiences with brands across industries. and today’s consumers seek information from personal and professional networks, in addition to engaging with a brand through traditional channels Read More
Wearable Technology: A New Channel for Customer Engagement According to research conducted by ACCENT now STARTEK, the key to a successful customer engagement strategy via wearable technology is to first understand how consumers use wearable technology. From fitness monitors to smart watches to clothing, wearable tech is the new frontier in customer engagement. Read More
What impact will wearable technology have on customer engagement? Brands understand the consumer is empowered with the ability to influence others via social media and online reviews like never before. Smart brands can, and do, respond by engaging consumers where they are - laptop, tablet, and phone. Now wearables – fitness monitors to smart watches to clothing – are the new frontier in customer engagement. Read More
Member Care Solution enables retail club to increase loyalty and satisfaction while garnering valuable customer insight. Read More
People love to talk. They love to share the good, the bad and everything in between with their networks, in-person and digitally on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp. People crave attention. When a consumer reaches out to a brand through a social media channel, what’s the best way for the company to respond to their consumers? Here’s a primer with 5 tips to successfully engage with your customers through social media. Read More
GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO - June 1, 2015 - StarTek, Inc. ("STARTEK") (NYSE: SRT), a provider of business process outsourcing services, has completed the acquisition of Accent Marketing Services, L.L.C. (“ACCENT”) from MDC Partners. Read More