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Archives: March, 2017
The Dos and Don'ts of Reaching Millennials via Social Media Today's marketers have countless options when it comes to social media. Some platforms peak in popularity and then quickly disappear. This makes it difficult to determine which channels to invest time and budget in. Read More
Designing your contact center for greatness: How communication design increases performance impact Great design lives in infamy and in our imaginations. Take for example the Barcelona Chair (1929), the Sydney Opera House (1973) and the iconic iPhone (2007), which has changed the way we communicate and manage our lives. Great design has impact. So why can’t contact centers be designed for impact and greatness? Does a great customer experience have to exist only in our imaginations? Read More
Startek Brings 200 Jobs to Greeley by June 2017 STARTEK (NYSE: SRT), a leader in business process outsourcing services, is now hiring full-time and part-time employees at its Greeley engagement center to support one of its clients currently expanding its customer engagement efforts. The company is seeking to fill a total of 200 positions by June 2017, including customer service representatives, supervisors, managers, and support staff. Read More
It Pays to Connect with Dialogue Your engagement specialists must be able to connect uniquely as a human to your customers. Tasked with improving overall customer experience (CX) metrics, you know there’s something different that your engagement specialists should be doing when it comes to customer interaction, but what exactly is that? How can you increase dialogue without sacrificing customer-facing metrics? Read More
STARTEK Recruiting to Fill 330 Jobs in Myrtle Beach STARTEK (NYSE: SRT), a leader in business process outsourcing services, is immediately hiring full time employees at its Myrtle Beach engagement center to support a telecommunications client. The company is seeking to fill 115 positions this month and a total of 330 positions by the end of the summer. Read More
Was it good for you? How ditching metrics-driven engagement can transform your reference specialists into communication masters Leaders in the customer experience (CX) industry know that they need to make pivotal choices about the ideal customer engagement in the contact center. You may have great specialists with high efficiency metrics, but those metrics may not mirror customer satisfaction scores. And, if it's not good for your customer, it certainly isn't good for your brand. Read More