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Archives: January, 2019
Personalization in the Age of Automation Being called by your first name, reward points, special member advantages, timely discounts – let’s face it. We love it. As consumers, we want brands to cater to our individual needs and wants. Feeling special gives us that warm, fuzzy feeling that keeps us coming back to buy more. We want brands to know us and provide a personalized experience catered to our wants and needs. So how does a brand make personalization a top priority in the CX world of emerging tech trends? The answer is... Read More
Do it For the Gram Heart hands at sunset, toes in the sand, the perfect video angle of the candy falling out of the piñata cake your friend just cut; apply the right filter and post. You’ve probably seen these types of images multiple times on Instagram. Millions of posts flood Instagram daily from brands, celebrities, and even our furry friends like Doug the Pug. Searching for a specific outfit for that upcoming wedding? Need a makeup tutorial for that new eyeshadow palette? You don’t have look too far. Read More