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Are You Ready To Engage With Consumers On Wearable Tech?

Wearable technology – a natural extension of online and mobile channels–is quickly emerging as the latest consumer engagement channel presenting new opportunities for brands to deliver more personalized and informed service, faster checkout, greater access to discounts and deals, and real-time input into consumer purchasing decisions.

By 2018, wearable technology is projected to grow to a $19 billion market. Nearly 70% of consumers are reporting they are ready to engage with brands through wearable tech devices, according to our recentWearable Technology Survey.

By developing a deeper understanding on how consumers want to engage with brands through their preferred channel, brands are able to establish a more personal connection and share more personalized content with their customers. CMOs and marketing professionals need to be ready to engage via wearable technology in order to improve their customer journey engagement strategies.

Consumers Are Ready For Wearables
After surveying more than 1,000 consumers who own or plan to buy wearable tech this year, we’ve confirmed that consumers are excited about adopting this new technology and ultimately want seamless customer engagement from mobile and social to wearables.

With three out of four Millennials believing wearable tech is a new way brands can engage with customers, marketers need to understand how each consumer prefers to interact with brands through wearable devices.

For example, seven out of 10 women do not want access to social media sites via wearable technology, yet more than a third of men (38%) as well as Baby Boomers (34%) want quicker and easier access to social media through wearable tech.

Wearables Provide Customer Insights
Perhaps one of the most valuable advantages of wearable technology is a brand’s ability to collect real-time data insights in order to fully understand their consumers on a more intimate level. It is this type of personal connection that helps marketers develop and share content that is tailored to unique customer engagement. Brands must understand consumer behavior patterns to interact with their fans in a private, yet meaningful way.

By creating personalized and relevant interactions, brands can turn their customers into lifetime brand advocates instead of one-time buyers. Brands looking to engage with wearable consumers have to realize that the engagement story is shifting from brand to product. Through this product, brands have a direct line of communication with their customers–putting customers at the center of the personalized and relevant interaction.

Gone are the days of pushed communication announcements. Today, it’s about immediate alerts that are relevant to your customers’ goals and personal choices. A staggering 50% of all consumers surveyed indicated they would buy wearable tech so that brands can send alerts and have more insights to their lifestyle and behavior patterns. If that’s not enough to convince marketers to investigate the potential wearable tech can have on customer engagement, then I don’t know what is.

Technology is only getting more sophisticated and so is the customer’s desire for personalized engagement with a brand. Today’s consumer is interested in immediate engagement that is relevant to their lifestyles, goals, and personal choices. CMOs must understand how their customers prefer to engage with their brands and create a personalized omnichannel engagement strategy to continue to build that relationship and maintain a connection with their target audiences.

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