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Customer Satisfaction Soars with Authentic Dialogue

Today’s travelers have high-flying expectations for customer service across the various companies and brands with which they interact before, during, and after their trip. For one company, a leader in the travel industry, meeting those expectations was becoming increasingly difficult to do—until the entire company learned how it should be communicating.

Delivering easy, fast customer service—even in challenging situations

Travelers expect that customer service will be easy, fast, and convenient to use. The team at this travel company has to not only deliver excellent customer service that meets those expectations, but do so under very demanding and sometimes stressful situations, such as major weather events, which are outside of the direct control of the company.

With help from STARTEK, the travel company launched an initiative to return the business to having a true dialogue with its customers—freeing employees to connect emotionally with customers, resolve their issues and improve perception of the travel leader’s brand.

“We’re not only well trained on how to do our job, but now we know how to communicate well with each individual customer.”

A tenured travel company employee of 20 years

Improving customer satisfaction with dialogue

STARTEK deployed its Performance Optimization solutions at the travel company to help everyone in the organization learn how to talk, text, chat, and email with customers using scientifically grounded, dialogue communication skills.

From the moment the company began using the STARTEK solutions, it started to see improvement in customer satisfaction. After implementing the first half of the program, the company experienced a five percent increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Employees are more satisfied, too

Another benefit is that the travel company’s employees report greater job satisfaction as they now have the autonomy and the skills to support the customer no matter what issue the customer brings to them on the phone, via email or chat, or in person. Employee confidence has increased as well.

Learn more about how this leading travel company uses STARTEK’s solutions to improve the outcomes of customer interactions using the science of human communication.

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