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Boosting Your Social Media This Holiday Season

Break out the multi-colored twinkle lights, moose mugs, and garland – the holiday season is officially upon us! As brands eagerly gear up for busiest shopping season of the year, it’s important to make a list and check your social strategy twice to ensure your consumers’ wants and needs are a top priority. Stop designing your social media campaigns like an ugly holiday sweater. Instead of being tacky, show off your brand’s authenticity and embrace the spirit of the season. Here are a few tips.

Bring on the Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so take the time to optimize your photos for each social media platform and ensure they are scaled appropriately. Low quality photos with no consistency in theme can diminish your results. With so many consumers purchasing gifts online, it’s imperative you put thought into your posts and photos. This includes adding taglines and themes to your images and incorporating a specific color scheme or seasonal greeting.

Use photos that include new products or services. Take it a step further, and create a photo contest on Instagram that encourages your customers to share their product photos or theme for the holidays. Don’t forget to utilize your Instagram story to draw excitement throughout the contest.

While consumers are buzzing about your seasonal contest, continue to keep their attention by sharing entertaining photos of “national” days that fall alongside the normal large holidays. Who doesn’t want to celebrate National Fruitcake Day or National Bacon Day? Try not to get focused on one holiday. Instead, take a broad approach by celebrating the spirit of the season.

Engage Your Followers

Pay close attention to the chatter about your brand. Luckily for us there are multiple social listening tools available that help brands monitor the conversations that matter most without getting lost in the noise. At the end of the day, brands want to drive real results and gain loyal advocates along the way.

The holiday season is a perfect opportunity to connect with brand advocates and new customers just learning about your brand. With the help of social listening and management tools, you can respond to heartfelt holiday stories, shopping experiences with your brand, or even have some fun with a hashtag campaign. Consumers love personalization and the holiday season is no exception. If you’re unresponsive, you might end up with a stocking full of coal.

Hashtags, Hashtags and More Hashtags

Another way to leave a lasting impression with your customers is to create a hashtag strategy. Try use something other than your brand name, and stay away from generic terms like #giftwrap or #greatgift. Instead, think about what type of emotion you want to draw from your customers. Do you want to hit the sentimental note or elate them with humor?

Brands like Starbucks have capitalized on their seasonal hashtag strategies. The #RedCup hashtag draws in millions of impressions and followers while engaging the community at the same time. This also includes a slew of content around the theme to keep customers engaged throughout the holiday season.

Each year consumers are bombarded with emails, social media posts, and hashtags – and it doesn’t stop there. Do the research on your brand, and maybe tie in a lesser known fact or a recurring mention to your hashtag. Remember, your hashtag should be fun and festive. Don’t spend your holiday season playing catch up with your customers; instead, spend it right alongside them.

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