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At Adastral Park in Ipswich, BT’s new research labs are set to trial “ultra-fast” broadband that could reach speeds of one Gigabit per second (equivalent to 1000 Megabits per second). If achieved, it would represent a significant upgrade on the current fastest internet available for personal use, which in the UK, is supplied by Virgin Media at speed of 152Mbps.

BT are attempting to achieve their results using G.Fast, a new standard approved by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). BT initial trials for G.Fast have been promising with downstream speeds of around 800Mbps attained over a 19m length of copper, combined with upstream speeds of more than 200Mbps. “Impressive speeds of around 700/200Mbps were also achieved over longer lines of 66m, a distance that encompasses around 80 per cent of such connections.”

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