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Talk to Me: Using the Science of Dialogue to Cure Member/Patient Dissatisfaction While the entire healthcare ecosystem continues to wrangle with market and regulatory uncertainty, one thing is certain: adapting to the new reality of the empowered healthcare consumer remains a massive challenge. In particular, many payers and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) still struggle to deliver the kind of customer care that members expect — seamless, effortless, and personalized journeys from open enrollment and welcome season through billing, claims, appeals and grievances, and... Read More
Will Healthcare Customer Service Centers Be Staffed by Chatbots in the Near Future? With the rise of digital channels and self-service technologies such as chatbots and other artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology, are we seeing the end of human interaction with the engagement center (contact center)? Likewise, does the availability and adoption of digital channels mean that engagement centers can begin reducing their investment in human engagement specialists (agents)? Read More
Personalization is Essential in Healthcare Consumers are coming to healthcare interactions today with heightened expectations for personalized, easy, and convenient experiences. However, when consumers reach out to their healthcare provider, it’s usually emotionally charged and anything but easy. The stakes are high for healthcare consumers – increased premiums, out-of-pocket expenses, and denied coverage for certain conditions. But the stakes are equally high for healthcare providers as they strive to drive higher revenue and... Read More
What Kind of Shopper Are You?  Take the Quiz! Are you overwhelmed by the multiple options in the buying experience, or do you want a personable experience because you thrive on relational activity? In our recent blog Dialogue in the Retail Sector, we learned about three distinctive shopper types: Social Customers, Nervous Buyers, and Curious Clients. Are you one of those types or maybe a few depending on the buying situation? With the assistance of our Chief Science Officer, Dr. James Keaten, we developed a quick survey to help determine... Read More
The Death of Retail – Are Millennials Really to Blame? For almost a decade, we’ve heard about the impending death of retail. Shopping malls are going dark and former icons of American retail are on the verge of collapse. To survive, brands have shifted their strategies online to stay relevant, and ecommerce is taking the place of the time-honored trip to the store. It’s been widely reported that millennials – now 87 million strong – are at the root of retail’s death. Or are they? Read More
Dialogue in the Retail Sector With the proliferation of online retail possibilities, brick and mortar stores are confronted with new challenges. More specifically, retail stores rarely can compete with online prices, can’t offer the same array of products, and seldom provide the convenience of home delivery. To maintain or grow market share, retail businesses need to attract customers for reasons other than price and convenience. Read More