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Machine or Human? Do Consumers Like Using Chatbots? Only 5% of consumers want to interact with a chatbot for customer service. What does this mean for your company? Read More
Despite Digital Preferences, Millennials Want to Interact with Humans Millennials are famously digital savvy. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want humans delivering their customer service. Read More
Don’t Chatbot Me: Consumers Want a Human on the Other End of the Conversation Is digital transformation taking human dialogue out of the customer service experience? Here’s why you need humans in your strategy. Read More
For Payers and PBMs, Being Consumer-Centric Isn’t Enough Think being consumer-centric is enough to drive member satisfaction and loyalty? Payers and PBMs need to think again. Read More
Social Media Out of Control The responsibility for social media falls squarely in the marketing department, right? Not anymore. You’ve surely heard pundits use the phrase “customer service is the new marketing” over the past five years or so. Well today, with customers flocking to social channels for customer service, the catch phrase is now: “social custom service is the new marketing.” Read More
Travel Company Takes Customer Satisfaction to New Heights Today’s travelers have high-flying expectations for customer service. STARTEK’s client, a leader in the travel industry, is all too aware that pleasing its customers is just as important as meeting the safety, convenience, and comfort that its customers have come to expect. That’s why the travel company engaged STARTEK to help it take customer service and satisfaction to new heights Read More