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Nailing tech support calls? You may be having only partial-brain conversations with your customers Nailing first-contact resolution calls? FCT scores in the stratosphere? Before you give your team a high five, look closer. Your engagement specialists may be having only partial-brain conversations with your customers, resulting in missed opportunities for building brand allegiance and customer loyalty by simply having a ‘whole-brain’ conversation. Read More
It Takes a Village: The secret behind why CX metrics remain flat The old African proverb says it takes a village to raise a child, leveraging the cultural context of community. The same is true in the call center to improve customer experience metrics. Why have customer experience metrics remained flat despite contact center technology becoming more sophisticated and widespread? Read More
The Evolving Patient Experience Consumers have never had more choices when it comes to interacting with organizations. They demand service when they want it, how they want it and where they want it. Read More
Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Rise of Retail Subscription Services Subscription-based retail delivery companies like Stitch Fix, Dollar Shave Club and Birchbox have exploded and are changing the way consumers shop. A recent study shows subscription box sites have grown nearly 3,000% in the past three years. But why? Read More
5 Travel Trend Predictions to Watch in 2017 Increased mobile connectivity and the rise of digital devices will continue to drive emerging travel tech trends in the year ahead. Thanks to new technology and 24/7 connectivity, travel brands, airlines and hotels must integrate new customer engagement strategies to maintain critical aspects of human interaction and ensure positive, personalized traveler experiences. Here are five tech trends shaping the travel industry in 2017: Read More
How Mobile User Device Data is Driving Marketing Increased mobile use provides marketers with a wealth of data from apps including insight on user behavior, habits, preferences and location. With an influx of new information about target audiences accessible via mobile, brands must determine how to process that user information to personalize content and create opportunities for positive customer engagement. Here are a few ways mobile data is driving marketing by collecting user information to better understand target audiences and inform... Read More