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Jeffersonville Center Celebrates 2015 Customer Engagement Week Over 20 years ago Customer Service Week became a nationally recognized event that is celebrated during the first full week of each October. During this special week, organizations celebrate the hard work of their customer-focused employees. Read More
Is Going to the Mall During the Holidays Your Worst Nightmare? According to research from ACCENT now STARTEK, the key to a successful customer engagement strategy is a consistent omni-channel experience. Retailers know the holidays are an important opportunity to build new customer relationships and strengthen customer loyalty, but research shows they face challenges delivering experiences and promotions across multiple channels. Read More
Men Tweet and Women Pin; Everyone engages via Facebook According to research from ACCENT Marketing now STARTEK, the key to a successful customer engagement strategy on social media is to understand how Facebook, Twitter and other social channels are used by consumers. Read More
Wearable Technology: A New Channel for Customer Engagement According to research conducted by ACCENT now STARTEK, the key to a successful customer engagement strategy via wearable technology is to first understand how consumers use wearable technology. From fitness monitors to smart watches to clothing, wearable tech is the new frontier in customer engagement. Read More
People love to talk. They love to share the good, the bad and everything in between with their networks, in-person and digitally on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp. People crave attention. When a consumer reaches out to a brand through a social media channel, what’s the best way for the company to respond to their consumers? Here’s a primer with 5 tips to successfully engage with your customers through social media. Read More
At Adastral Park in Ipswich, BT’s new research labs are set to trial “ultra-fast” broadband that could reach speeds of one Gigabit per second (equivalent to 1000 Megabits per second). If achieved, it would represent a significant upgrade on the current fastest internet available for personal use, which in the UK, is supplied by Virgin Media at speed of 152Mbps. BT are attempting to achieve their results using G.Fast, a new standard approved by the ITU (International Telecommunication... Read More