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Universal Agents Trained In The Science Of Dialogue Reduce Costs And Strengthen Subscriber Connections In today’s digital society, consumers and businesses need the latest voice, data, internet and video services to stay connected with each other and with the world. But when STARTEK’s client, a leading communications provider, noticed repeat callers were on the rise, it knew it’s subscriber service experience was anything but lightning fast and hassle free. That’s when the company turned to STARTEK to troubleshoot the issue and power up results. Read More
Wholesale Club Expands Member Care Without Growing the Budget or Impacting Quality While loading up the shopping cart with deals is probably the most visible part of the wholesale club experience, out-of-store interactions with the brand are equally important to overall member satisfaction. Read More
Gogo Partners with Startek to Deliver Customer Care at 35,000 Feet As the leader in inflight Internet services, Gogo keeps passengers connected and entertained on thousands of aircraft operated by leading global commercial airlines such as United, Delta, Alaska, Virgin America, and Japan Airlines as well as on thousands of private aircraft, including those of the largest fractional ownership operators. Because enhancing the experience for both passengers and crew strikes at the core of Gogo’s mission, company leaders knew early on that fast and effective... Read More
Did you know STARTEK helped an automotive company increase its revenue by $10M? To become a leader in the automotive industry, it takes expertise, innovation, quality, and leadership. This STARTEK client, a major manufacturer of auto and truck parts, has it all, with many decades of success to prove it. Yet, its new chief marketing officer (CMO) knew the company could further improve its performance, particularly when it came to customer service and engagement. Read More
Member Care Solution enables retail club to increase loyalty and satisfaction while garnering valuable customer insight. Read More