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Dialogue Drives the Outcomes that Matter Scripts are so 2010. Authentic human dialogue drives the customer care outcomes that companies need today. Read More
Chit-Chat is Nice, But Good Dialogue Drives Customer Satisfaction It takes good dialogue to drive customer satisfaction. What’s good dialogue, you say? Here’s a hint: it’s not chit-chat. Read More
Busting the Conversation Myths: How Dialogue Can Impact Your Business Does conversation with customers hurt or help metrics such as NPS and CSAT? We bust the myths around dialogue. Read More
Leading Home Medical Equipment Provider Drives Healthier Patient Experiences on Their Road to Recovery For many patients on the road to recovery, navigating the journey from hospitalization to at-home care can be a bumpy ride. It’s especially challenging for patients who must maneuver through the complexities of ordering and using medical devices at home. STARTEK’s client, a leading home medical equipment provider, is all too aware that this process can evoke fear and anxiety in patients at a time when they are most vulnerable. That’s why the healthcare company engaged STARTEK to help... Read More
Telecommunications Leader Showcases Benefits of “Robots” for Back Office Processes For mobile operators, activating and managing subscriber identity modules (SIMs) require back-office specialists to complete a long series of tasks, often with redundant steps and data entry. For one large telecommunications client, STARTEK saw the opportunity to use automation and analytics to improve productivity, cycle time, and accuracy for this complex process. Read More
The Last Thing a Technology Consumer Wants is to Deal With More Technology Technology consumers want other humans to help them most of the time. So when are chatbots appropriate? Read More