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Boosting Your Social Media This Holiday Season Break out the multi-colored twinkle lights, moose mugs, and garland – the holiday season is officially upon us! As brands eagerly gear up for busiest shopping season of the year, it’s important to make a list and check your social strategy twice to ensure your consumers’ wants and needs are a top priority. Stop designing your social media campaigns like an ugly holiday sweater. Instead of being tacky, show off your brand’s authenticity and embrace the spirit of the season. Here are a... Read More
Social Media and AI – Friends or Foes? In the early 1960s, we were introduced to a gleaming paradise of flying cars and jetpacks on the Jetsons, a cartoon promising a luxurious utopian future provided by technology. While our flying cars might not have arrived yet, artificial intelligence (AI) has found a place in many homes across the globe and has become part of our daily routines. Even our social media platforms, which generate a never-ending supply of user generate data, are benefiting from AI to help brands better understand... Read More
How Afraid Should We Be of AI? Dark shadows and things that go bump in the night can frighten anyone. Growing up, you probably remember a spooky story, movie, or sound that haunted your dreams or beguiled your imagination. Now there’s a new fear lurking in your devices, on the other end of the phone, and possibly invading your brick-and-mortar experience. It’s everywhere – artificial intelligence that is. Read More
Finding Your Social Voice – Tips from Our Social Media Expert In today’s digital, social and interactive world, consumers want access to companies on their own terms. While phone and web channels remain vital to cus­tomer service, consumers are increasingly seeking assistance through social communi­ties. Whether adding a compliment to a brand’s Facebook wall, tweeting about a negative customer experience, or posting a customer service question through a user forum — the social consumer now controls the conversation. But marketers aren’t... Read More
Is Influencer Marketing Worth the Hype? If we’ve learned anything from social media, it’s the power sharing information can have on influencing others. From politics and business to world culture, education, careers and more, social media’s impact on society is undeniable. For brands, social influence plays a particularly important role in a shopper’s purchase journey and can lead to increased awareness, trust, and familiarity, which are important variables in the purchase-decision-making process. Monetize those... Read More
Behind the Hashtag– Meet Startek’s Social Media Team If you’re an avid social user, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are part of your daily routine. And like most consumers, at some point you have most likely aired a few grievances about a brand online – sharing your complaints and frustrations with your network, top influencers, and brand executives alike. Social media has become the platform to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of customer service. When those interactions are positive, it can have a strong impact on a brand’s bottom... Read More