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The Science of Dialogue: STARTEK’s Dialogue Expert, Ted Nardin, discusses the future of contact centers Human dialogue science is the future of contact centers. Genuine human dialogue has a more powerful influence over customer experience outcomes than all other factors combined. This powerful human element can make or break your customer brands. Effective human dialogue is not bound by global geography, culture or language. Read More
Q&A With Ted Nardin, STARTEK Ideal Dialogue Expert The Science of Dialogue: STARTEK’s Dialogue Expert, Ted Nardin, discusses the future of contact centers. Read More
Move the Needle on Satisfaction Scores: 3 Things Every Call Center Needs to Do Now Reports and research are telling contact centers that their customers crave the human touch – especially in that last mile. But, you’ve invested a lot in technology; how are you going to see ROI on your investments if you need to increase the level of engagement with your frontline? Read More
Bad Actors: Ditch the script to Win the No-Win Conversation Your contact center’s engagement specialists are armed with scenarios and appropriate responses. They’ve practiced and role-played these empathetic scripts to a tee. Given all of this, you’ve been unable to move the needle on NPS and CSAT scores. You may have a contact center full of bad actors. Are you willing to ditch the script? Read More
Safe Harbor in the Storm of No-Win Calls: Self-help technology meets human communication science in the contact center Self-help service has reduced resolution costs for contact centers; most customers simply want to solve technical problems on their own. But if they can’t, your engagement specialists are met with fury by those ‘no-win’ calls entering the contact center. These calls require human contact, mixed with a little communication science. Read More
The Top 7 Drivers of NPS: Why they matter in today’s rapidly evolving contact center environment Inbound customer issues in today’s contact centers are complex. With rapidly evolving customer self-help technology, engagement specialists (agents) rarely respond to simple or routine inquiries. Brands are scrambling to keep their specialists (agents) technically savvy for customer issue resolution while keeping NPS scores high. What drivers contribute to higher NPS scores and how do you provide your frontline with the skills to differentiate? Read More