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Designing your contact center for greatness: How communication design increases performance impact

Great design lives in infamy and in our imaginations. Take for example the Barcelona Chair (1929), the Sydney Opera House (1973) and the iconic iPhone (2007), which has changed the way we communicate and manage our lives. Great design has impact. So why can’t contact centers be designed for impact and greatness? Does a great customer experience have to exist only in our imaginations?

Designing a contact center for communication mastery

Great contact centers aren’t just designed for transactional efficiency. Great contact centers are designed to create mutual value creation with the customer and your engagement specialists (agents). Great contact centers also view the customer as a unique individual and place value on creating communication masters. By researching the course of communication between the specialist (agent) and customer, brands can connect on an emotional level through the use of dialogue.

Today, contact centers design their engagement specialists’ communication in one of three ways: transactional, interactive and dialogue. A transaction design is driven by compliance and metrics, usually an exchange of information; the interaction design is more complex, using synchronized dialogues and a demonstration of key behaviors. Dialogue-designed conversation approaches the customer as an individual with the goal being mutual value creation between customer and specialist.

Contact centers design engagement specialist and customer communication in one of three ways: (1) transaction, (2) interaction, and (3) dialogue.

Communication Design Communication Approaches as… Customer Viewed as… QA Objective Typical Results
Transaction An Exchange of Information An Identification Number Compliance Positive Impact on Efficiency Metrics
Interaction Synchronized Monologues A Typical Person Demonstration of Key Behaviors Inconsistent Impact on NPS and CSAT
Dialogue Mutual Value Creation A Unique Individual Communication Mastery Consistent, Positive Impact on NPS/CSAT

The dialogue-designed contact center

Transaction designed conversations have a positive impact on efficiency metrics but are often seen by the customer as rehearsed, while interaction designed conversations result in inconsistent NPS and CSAT scores.

Dialogue is a communication design that approaches a conversation with each customer as a unique individual, with the goal being mutual value creation between the specialist and the customer.

Only the dialogue-designed conversation results in clear efficiency metrics with consistent positive impact on NPS and CSAT scores. Like the now-iconic iPhone – which has changed the way we live and manage our lives – dialogue-driven conversation can change the way contact centers communicate with customers and how they manage their engagement specialists.

Don’t settle for simply transacting with your customer as a number, or using well-rehearsed responses. Design a great contact center focusing on dialogue-driven conversation and valuing the customer as an individual, and your brand will live in infamy and in your customer’s imaginations.

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