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The Digital Disconnect: Why Your ROI on Digital Customer Service is Disappointing

Is your brand a winner or a loser in digital customer service? Find out what you might be doing wrong.

Maybe you added a mobile application for customer service, and while customers seem to like it, you aren’t getting the payback you thought you would. Or maybe you’ve expanded your chat channel, but costs are up, not down. And social media? The more marketing keeps requesting your organization’s help with customer service in social media channels, the more your costs go up.

If your company is missing the big results and return on investment that digital transformation is supposed to bring, you aren’t alone. For nearly a decade, the contact center industry has touted omnichannel as the digital transformation solution to satisfy the needs of today’s demanding customers as well as reduce costs and drive incremental revenue. So why isn’t it working for your business?

The missing piece of the omnichannel puzzle

Today many companies are realizing that adding multiple channels and disjointed technologies to the customer experience doesn’t deliver big returns, in fact, it results in lost opportunities, frustrated customers, and higher costs. That’s because for customers there’s no continuity of customer experience, or message, as they progress through their journey.

The missing piece of the digital puzzle is a holistic, customer-centric strategy for omnichannel customer service. Such a strategy looks across the entire customer journey in all channels to finally get the ROI you’ve been waiting for.

Omnichannel success

A multi-national auto and truck parts manufacturer:

  • Consolidated and optimized omnichannel support across phone, email, social media, chat and IVR
  • Reduced cost per engagement by 72% while improving customer satisfaction
  • Delivered $10 million in engagement-influenced revenue for a nearly 200% ROI

The customer journey is your guide

If you currently have a channel-centric strategy, you need to shift to a customer-centric one. The goal is to first deeply understand your customers’ experience—including needs, perceptions, and pain points—across the complete customer lifecycle, across all channels, and at each moment of truth. By gathering and analyzing data from the end-to-end customer journey, you can identify gaps and opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Next, you need to design the ideal omnichannel experience—including all channels: phone, retail, IVR, chat, social, email, and SMS—so that customers receive high quality customer care in their channel of choice at that moment.

By orchestrating the customer journey, you remove the roadblocks for an effortless interaction while maximizing customer satisfaction, sales, retention and Net Promoter scores. In short, you start reaping those fabled rewards for digital transformation.

Learn more about omnichannel and the implications of social customer care in our free white paper, “Social Media Out of Control: Why You Need a Social-Savvy Customer Service Strategy.”