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Five Questions with STARTEK’s New SVP, CFO and Treasurer, Don Norsworthy

We recently sat down with Don Norsworthy, STARTEK’s new Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer to get his thoughts on a CFOs’ role in today’s digital world, his excitement about joining STARTEK and a fun fact about him. Here’s what he had to say:


How does the CFO position contribute to STARTEK's role to be the most trusted BPO service provider? 

Today’s CFO is responsible for deploying resources to all functional areas and putting them in a position to succeed. There is a finite level of deployed staffing, hard dollar expenses and capital expenditures; the decision to deploy resources needs to encompass both the strategic direction of the company along with the need for both short term and long term profitability. Ultimately, STARTEK needs to be a successful partner for our clients through operational excellence.


How do non-financial issues affect your role as CFO?

I deal with non-financial issues every day; today’s business climate is impacted beyond financial issues such as politics and the resulting regulatory environment. Even weather has a significant impact on global based businesses.


What is the ultimate role for CFOs in 2016?

To stay in front of the curve! You can’t take your eye off of the ball in a global economy. From the challenge of continued escalating healthcare costs to the emerging hosted IT solution environment in our industry, we operate in a very dynamic world. A CFO has to be immersed in their business, but also in the global business environment. 


Why are you excited about joining STARTEK?

The people and the leadership team. STARTEK has an incredible platform for growth, and I am 100% committed to giving the team the correct resources to be successful - it’s really that simple.


What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I have a twin brother; he graduated from Georgia Tech and I graduated from the University of Georgia - of course they are pretty intense rivals in college sports. If he called you on the phone you would swear it is me; as we have gotten older, it is a little easier to tell our voices apart. But when we were young, we looked so much alike that even my Dad could not tell us apart. We have never been tested to see if we are identical.