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It Pays to Connect with Dialogue

Your engagement specialists must be able to connect uniquely as a human to your customers. Tasked with improving overall customer experience (CX) metrics, you know there’s something different that your engagement specialists should be doing when it comes to customer interaction, but what exactly is that? How can you increase dialogue without sacrificing customer-facing metrics?

Connecting with dialogue isn’t rocket science – it’s much harder.

Creating a unique and authentic experience that is professional, personalized, and punctuated by moments of spontaneity isn’t rocket science. It’s much harder.

Current programs, processes and technologies focus on standardizing the human interaction between customers and engagement specialists. The theory is that by focusing on solving problems quickly and effectively using uniform, scripted communication, customer experience will improve and satisfaction will increase accordingly.

Performance and satisfaction: Not always equals

Research shows that customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend the brand are directly related to the customer’s perception of the engagement specialist’s skills. Surprisingly, data shows1 that while meeting average handle time and first call resolution goals, customer satisfaction scores may actually suffer.

It pays to connect with dialogue

A study of 140 recorded conversations2 that were tied to a subsequently completed satisfaction survey determined 53 of the conversations to be “no-win” situations, where no immediate solution could be provided.

Analysis of the survey question, “How likely are you to continue your service?” showed that even though these 53 calls were not “winnable,” there was a distribution of results spanning “Definitely Not Continue” to “Definitely Continue.”

Closer examination showed that customers were 1.6 times more likely to indicate that they were not likely to continue the service when engagement specialists were using a Transaction Model (following a script and focused on keeping the conversation short) rather than attempting to connect with dialogue.

Master dialogue experts raise retention rates and satisfaction scores

Research has shown that even in situations where there is no resolution, customers were over 1.5 times more likely to continue the service when a specialist used unique dialogue. Once your engagement specialists master the art of connecting with dialogue, your investment in human capital and dialogue training will see higher retention and overall satisfaction scores on the rise.

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