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Let’s Get Rid of the Hassle Factor – Make it Easy

Growing up, most of us remember a certain green frog who vocalized frequently “It’s not easy being green.” Anyone who has aimlessly looked for a customer service number on a website, been stuck in IVR hell, or had to call a brand repeatedly to get an issue resolved has likely echoed a similar sentiment – “It’s not easy being a customer.” So why does an interaction between a customer and a brand have to be so painful? The truth is – it doesn’t. Brands should look for ways to decrease the amount of effort on the part of their customers. Simply put, make it easy.

Make Things Easy – What is It?

When brands interact with customers, they have an opportunity to create and strengthen brand loyalty by helping them solve their issues quickly and easily. Framing a problem in terms of making it easy for the customer can be highly illuminating, even liberating, especially for brands currently struggling with customer satisfaction. Making things easy for the customer also reduces needless effort by guiding the customer verbally, providing specifics as to their role in the conversation, and reducing uncertainty that may result in confusion. Consumers have evolved and are sharing their experiences with family, friends, and followers, which ultimately can help or hurt your brand. Remove unnecessary obstacles today by following these key tips to making each customer interaction easier than the one before:

  • Adapt vocal delivery to maximize understanding.
  • Manage the conversation in a way that minimizes effort.
  • Explain how to minimize future effort.

How to Make Things Easy

Brands are increasingly using self-service channels to streamline the customer journey. But self-service only handles easy interactions and questions. The more complex, higher-stakes interactions are the ones flooding into contact centers now. And it’s a brand’s handling of these types of interactions that will decide customer satisfaction. One way to make things easy is by using verbal guiding – “I can help you, and it’ll take 5 simple steps and 10 minutes.” Another way to make things easy is to forward-resolve by anticipating the consumer’s future needs. Instead of just resolving the original problem or reason for the call, brands should attempt to stave off future customer effort by anticipating additional issues that can be resolved in the current interaction.

When self-service technologies can’t help resolve your customers’ issues, make things easy by listening to them, connecting with them on an emotional level, and anticipating their needs. After all, the last mile of every customer journey often starts at a human intersection. In fact, in a recent study conducted by STARTEK, 85% of consumers prefer to interact with humans for their customer service needs1. By using authentic dialogue, supported by the science of human communication, you can satisfy customers and gain their trust and loyalty – all while reducing effort along the way.

“Consumers want to interact with someone who cares about them personally and respond to their unique needs as a customer.”

Cory White, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, STARTEK

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