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Nailing tech support calls? You may be having only partial-brain conversations with your customers

Nailing first-contact resolution calls? FCT scores in the stratosphere? Before you give your team a high five, look closer. Your engagement specialists may be having only partial-brain conversations with your customers, resulting in missed opportunities for building brand allegiance and customer loyalty by simply having a ‘whole-brain’ conversation.

Left brain versus right brain

The left brain rules the logical, rational part of all of us; the right brain rules the emotional, creative side. As call center technologies have evolved, almost 80 percent of technical issues are being resolved by the customer, or more accurately, the customer’s left brain.

While it’s exciting that most issues are being resolved by customers, the flipside of this is that 20 percent of customers now entering the call center are typically in various states of frustration, even anger – both involving the emotional right brain.

Nailing the 20 percent

If your customer just spent 18 minutes trying to resolve an issue, they’re operating from that emotional right brain, they won’t hear politeness or empathy, no matter how carefully you’ve woven in empathetic, apologetic phrases to your script. In fact, these statements may increase frustration levels. They need to connect emotionally, and immediately.

The whole-brain conversation

First contact calls now coming into the call center require ‘whole-brain’ conversations with your customers. Specialists have an opportunity to go off-script and talk to the customer’s right brain, which also drives human connection and trust.

Research has shown that customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend the brand are directly related to the customer’s perception of the engagement specialist’s communication skills.

Spontaneous dialogue creates loyal customers

Technology has overwhelmingly eliminated almost 80 percent of inbound issues to the call center, but has dramatically increased the level of frustrated first contact calls.

Your brand will be cemented by emotional bonds, by having whole-brain conversations with your customers and allowing your specialists to engage in spontaneous dialogue. Higher CX scores and increased sales will follow as the industry embraces this model of trust and genuine conversation.