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Move the Needle on Satisfaction Scores: 3 Things Every Call Center Needs to Do Now

Reports and research are telling contact centers that their customers crave the human touch – especially in that last mile. But, you’ve invested a lot in technology; how are you going to see ROI on your investments if you need to increase the level of engagement with your frontline?

The Empathy Factor

The last mile is a battlefield. Your frontline needs to be trusted to handle these incoming calls without scripted responses. They need to be free to speak to the customer like a real human being. Research by STARTEK has found that the “empathy factor” is not enough, and in some cases, may not matter at all.

The Dialogue Factor

In STARTEK’s research, thousands of calls from various global call centers were analyzed whose engagement specialists received the same training. They found that it did not matter what issue was coming into the contact center; if the customer’s interaction ended on a high note, the customer would give them a higher CSAT score.

“It did not matter what country the client was in, nor what language was being spoken – you could even have two engagement specialists sitting next to each other; one was getting CSAT scores in the threes and fours, the other getting NPS scores in the tens across the board.
The engagement specialist getting the tens were able to influence the disposition of the customer that left them feeling positive.”

– Ted Nardin, STARTEK Dialogue Expert

These engagement specialists were somehow able to influence the disposition of the customer, leaving them feeling positive about the brand. Customers left the interaction feeling satisfied due to how the specialist engaged with them using genuine dialogue – something a technology platform just can’t do.

  1. Contact centers must identify real communicators at the hiring process
  2. Contact centers must make a commitment to communication training
  3. Contact centers must create a culture of dialogue and genuine communication

Three things you need to do now to move the needle on CSAT and NPS score

#1 Contact centers must begin at the hiring process, using psychometric testing for factors other than empathy – ones that identify true communicators: those with an innate ability to connect to people.

#2 Contact centers need to make a commitment to communication training before a specialist is released onto the contact center floor. Remember, it’s a battlefield, and you don’t want to lose one soldier in the fight for higher CSAT and NPS scores

#3 Create a culture of dialogue and genuine communication across your corporate environment. Create mentorships that last over the course of your engagement specialists’ tenure. Ensure management and the C-suite embrace this culture, and you’ll improve retention while moving the needle on CSAT and NPS scores across your organization.

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