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Social Customer Service is the New Marketing: Are You Getting it Right?

Marketing owns social media, right? Well, not anymore. Now that customers are flocking to social media for customer service, it’s become an extremely powerful customer care channel. Are you ready?

Social Customer Service is the New Marketing: Are You Getting it Right?

You’ve surely heard the phrase “customer service is the new marketing” over the past five years or so. Well today, with customers flocking to social channels for customer service, the touch phrase is now: “social customer service is the new marketing.”

What does this mean? At its simplest, it means that social media has become an extremely powerful customer service channel. However, the volume, complexity, and urgency of customer service-related posts make delivering responsive and high quality care extremely challenging to do.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, to master social customer care you need to look at the entire customer journey (not just the part that happens in social channels). This requires a major shift from channel-centric thinking to customer-centric thinking.

Once you’ve done that, then you can design the ideal customer experience, which of course, includes social media in addition to the phone, IVR, chat, email, and SMS. Your goal is to deliver high quality customer care in any channel the customer desires.

Then you need to be prepared to truly engage with customers in an authentic dialogue. Authentic conversation based on scientifically proven dialogue habits is the best approach across all channels to drive a significant and lasting impact on customer satisfaction.

While social customer care is complex, when done well, it benefits both your business and your customers. Customers like it because it’s more convenient and less frustrating than using other channels. Your brand gains more satisfied customers, greater loyalty and advocacy, and improved revenue potential.

Learn more about the shift to social customer care and best practices for delivering a seamless, omnichannel customer service experience in our free white paper, “Social Media Out of Control: Why You Need a Social-Savvy Customer Service Strategy.”