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STARTEK Brand Warriors ‘Bring It’

Beliefs have the capacity to serve as a company compass, providing clear direction when faced with important decisions, dilemmas and everyday interactions. Values align with beliefs within thriving organizations which is why STARTEK emphasizes key core values to foster a greater sense of community among our employees.  

We asked STARTEK Brand Warriors to share their personal perspectives on what it means to ‘Bring It’ as part of our ongoing conversation around the company’s key core values. From passion and promise to actions and results, here are a few of those inspiring definitions: 

“‘Bring It’ means just that… You get up every day and give it your best to tackle problems, speak up and take ownership even if you aren't directly responsible for the problem at hand. At the end of the day, you look back and see the difference you made.”
– Rod L. 

“For me, ‘Bring It’ is all about giving 100% every single day. It's about putting our people first, it’s about having that sheer passion and dedication in wanting to make a difference.”
– Sarah R. 

“‘Bring It’ means to step up and be active in your role and site. It requires a strong focus on how best to meet the needs of the customers, the client and our partners within the business. ‘Bring It’ is the essence of being a Brand Warrior!”
– Robert M. 

“Bring innovation, creativity and your "A-Game" 100% of the time.”
– Ryan F.

“It means you never stop looking for improvements!”
– Kara D. 

“‘Bring It’ means working as a team to bring value, solutions and winning actions that drive financial & customer success for our company, shareholders, Brand Warrior team, and our clients.”
– Kathryn A. 

“Strive to do your best in all areas. Play to your strengths. Don't be satisfied with just achieving expectations, but exceed them; and help others do the same.”
– Kevin A.