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STARTEK Brand Warriors ‘Do Right’

At STARTEK, we place tremendous focus on building trusted relationships that are established on a foundation of mutual respect, cooperation and investment in each other’s success.  An important part of establishing and keeping trust is to ‘Do Right’ at all times on behalf of our clients, their customers, our employees, and our stakeholders.   

We recently asked STARTEK Brand Warriors across the company to define what our ‘Do Right’ core value means to them.  Here are just a few of those unique, insightful definitions: 

“‘Do Right’ means having the integrity to do the right thing for our company, our employees and our clients.”
– Audra Garrison, Operations Manager

“I think the ‘Do Right’ value means to do things the right way, ethically, morally and in the best interests of the company and the customer. It also means you should take ownership of everything you are working on and ‘Do Right’ by competing tasks professionally and in the best way possible.”
– Steve Brelsford, Capacity Planning Manager

“Do what is right, not what is easy.” 
– Julie Weingardt, SVP Operations

“It means to ‘Do Right’ by your customers, clients, specialists, and yourself.”
– Sean Burns, Sr. Engagement Coach

“Do what is right or expected of you even if no one is looking. Own the situation and do what is needed even if it is not your responsibility. Surface opportunities and present solutions.”
– Denise Lorenz, Sr. Account Manager

“Follow through on your best instincts. Be the person your dog thinks you are.”
– Wayne White, SVP IT

“‘Do Right’ means having kind and respectful interactions with everyone around us, just as we hope they do with us. It means demonstrating respect for all, all the time.”
– Tomesha Hart, Engagement Coach