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STARTEK Brand Warriors Improve

It’s no secret that within thriving organizations, values align with beliefs. Those ideas and practices create the building blocks of organizational culture and lay the foundation for success. 

At STARTEK, our Brand Warriors are absolutely the key to our success as a business. For this reason, we regularly share collective ideas around our company’s core values as a way to keep the conversation relevant and inspire each other to achieve greatness in our work. 

We recently asked our Brand Warriors to define what the “Improve” core value means to them –whether that is going above and beyond for customers, working more efficiently with their team, or simply striving to get better every day. 

“Improve” can mean many things to our team of Brand Warriors. Here are just a few of those personal definitions: 

“Improve is standing out from the crowd. We are not here to check a box or just meet the basic expectations but to constantly challenge ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and make amazing things happen.”
– Robert M.

 “To me, improve means increasing value that our clients have with us as a company and increase our own internal efficiency.”
– Erik P.