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STARTEK Brand Warriors Take Ownership

At STARTEK, our employees have the passion, dedication, responsibility and enthusiasm that embody the Brand Warrior spirit. This means providing great customer service to solve problems, answer questions and provide guidance in an era of relentless omnichannel communication because brand loyalty depends on happy, engaged customers. 

Core values at STARTEK provide the foundation for driving deeper relationships and interactions with customers to protect and promote our clients’ brands. For this reason, we discuss company values regularly to engage employees and ensure the Brand Warrior culture is aligned with the STARTEK vision. 

We asked our team of Brand Warriors to share their perspective on ownership — one of our core values — and couldn’t be more thrilled with the responses. Here are just a few of our employees’ comments:

“Being accountable for your actions and how you perform your job. You need to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses and be enthusiastic about both. You need to have the desire and motivation to learn more in order to grow professionally.”
— Steve B. 

“Assuming responsibility and handling situations from start to finish to ensure successful resolution.”
— Kristen D.

“Doing what it takes to get the job done and holding yourself and your team accountable for meeting deadlines, achieving goals and delivering results that are both on time and on target." 
— Jay M.

“Taking pride in your work, building relationships and consistently positioning yourself, your team and your client for success.”
— Isaiah W.

“Having the courage to step forward when it might be easier to just step aside.”
— Lee E.