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STARTEK in the News: Survey Spotlight

It’s no secret that the world of customer engagement is changing in response to emerging digital communication channels and social media networks. But we wanted to dig deeper to understand how today’s consumer uses social media and connected devices to interact with brands, as well as their unique preferences, experiences and expectations for communicating across different channels. 

Recently, STARTEK surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers to collect those valuable insights, and what we uncovered was incredibly interesting. As it turns out, the media tends to agree. 

Findings from the survey report, Digital Communication Dominates Customer Engagement, have been featured in a variety of top-tier marketing publications and vertical trades with insightful editorial commentary supporting the idea that digital and social media do, in fact, dominate customer engagement. 

Here are just a few notable mentions in recent articles: 

80% of Consumers Use Digital Devices to Contact Customer Service (Report), Adweek Social Times
“Social media has changed our sense of identity, as well as how we communicate. As people become more dependent on social media, they demand more, including customer service and ecommerce. A report from business process outsourcing provider STARTEK examines how social and mobile are affecting consumer engagement.” 

Why IT Departments Need Social, Digital Communication Strategies, InformationWeek
“The key to a successful customer engagement strategy is understanding how consumers want to interact with a brand and why. For IT, the survey results show that a digital and social media communications strategy needs to be prioritized.”

Study: Engagement happening in digital, Biz Report
“Forget the mall or a brick-and-mortar superstore. The place more consumers are engaging with brands is digital. According to STARTEK consumers are increasingly turning to the online space to contact brands, although younger consumers are leading this charge.”

Mobile Ends Marketing Channel Fragmentation, Target Marketing Magazine
“It’s official. Consumers are overwhelmingly using mobile devices to contact companies. That’s great news for marketers who’ve been vexed by channel fragmentation.”

Digital communication is leading channel for customer engagement, Biz Community
“From social media to virtual reality and email to chat, digital communication is the leading channel for customer engagement, lead by the millennial generation.”

Digital and social media now dominate customer engagement, which makes it imperative for brands to understand how customers prefer interacting on different channels. Understanding how, when and why customers connect with companies digitally helps brands identify the best channels, messages and engagement strategies to deepen customer relationships through positive interactions and experiences.