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STARTEK Warriors in Need Program

At STARTEK, we place a tremendous amount of focus on building trusted relationships that are established on a foundation of mutual respect, cooperation, and investment in one another’s success.  It’s at the very heart of our Brand Warrior calling – to stand behind every team member so that you can stand behind every client brand.  This is especially important during times when our employees face hardship.

In 2014, STARTEK launched Warriors In Need, a non-profit foundation designed to provide basic necessities and temporary financial relief for STARTEK employees who are in need as a result of a disaster or extraordinary life event. The program was developed by employees, for employees, and is primarily funded by STARTEK employee contributions to help one another during times of struggle. 

STARTEK brand warriors hold fundraising events and donate through payroll deductions, even as little as one dollar from each paycheck, which goes into a fund to help other STARTEK employees who have experienced a catastrophe such as an unexpected illness, fire, flood or other unexpected event that causes them to need financial help.

Employees can apply to Warriors in Need for disaster assistance and an anonymous group of STARTEK employees reviews all applications and decides on which ones to fund based upon the merits of the request against a specific set of criteria.

Warriors in Need operates as a separate 501(c)(3) with its own committees and advisory board. As a Community Foundation, employee contributions are tax deductible and assistance grants are tax-free to recipients in the United States. Unlike a private foundation, Warriors in Need can accept contributions from many sources including employees, vendors, and clients.

The WIN program has already proven to be an essential resource for more than one Brand Warrior facing a critical crisis. In the past year alone, STARTEK employees have contributed thousands of dollars in personal donations and volunteered their time to help support their fellow Warriors in Need.

Here is the 2015 breakdown:

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