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The Science of Dialogue: STARTEK’s Dialogue Expert, Ted Nardin, discusses the future of contact centers

Human dialogue science is the future of contact centers. Genuine human dialogue has a more powerful influence over customer experience outcomes than all other factors combined. This powerful human element can make or break your customer brands. Effective human dialogue is not bound by global geography, culture or language.

More powerful than machine learning in the contact center

As brands jump to AI, chat bots and machine learning in the contact center, their most valuable resource is sitting right there – their frontline engagement specialists.

STARTEK’s Dialogue Expert, Ted Nardin, has analyzed thousands of contact center engagements in STARTEKs’ Dialogue Lab. Working with renowned communication expert, Dr. James Keaten, they’ve discovered what no machine could ever successfully replicate – genuine human dialogue.

Ted Nardin
“We knew we had to drill down and find out what factors were influencing the outcomes of the specialist getting the high CSAT scores. We realized that it did not matter what the issue was coming into the contact center; if the customer’s interaction ended on a high note, the customer would give them a higher CSAT score … the engagement specialist had the ability to change the customer’s mood by the end of the call.”

– Ted Nardin

Regardless of what country the conversation was in, or what language was being spoken, the ability of the engagement specialist to engage in genuine human dialogue drove higher CSAT or NPS scores across the board.

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