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Survey Says: Digital Communication Dominates Customer Engagement

The way consumers interact with brands is changing quickly as new mobile devices, wearable technology and social media platforms continue to enter the market. Digital and social media now dominate customer engagement, which makes it imperative for brands to understand how customers prefer interacting on different channels. Understanding more about how, when and why customers connect with companies digitally helps brands identify the best channels, messages and engagement strategies to deepen customer relationships, build brand advocates and reach new audiences.

In July 2016, STARTEK surveyed over 1,000 males and females in the United States to gain insight on key consumer preferences for using social media and connected devices to interact with brands, as well as their experiences and expectations across various communication channels.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • 84% contact a company through social media, email or live chat
  • 77% think it’s easy to communicate with a brand digitally
  • 80% receive good customer service using social media
  • 59% think it’s helpful to post on a company’s social media page for other customers to respond
  • 82% use a digital device via mobile, tablet, computer, or wearable tech to connect with a brand
  • 36% are excited to use virtual reality to communicate with a company in the future

The new survey report, Digital Communication Dominates Customer Engagement explores consumer behavior and evolving expectations for interacting digitally to provide brands with insights needed to create a strategy for delivering the best customer engagement experience.

Download the full report to learn more.