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Was it good for you? How ditching metrics-driven engagement can transform your reference specialists into communication masters

Leaders in the customer experience (CX) industry know that they need to make pivotal choices about the ideal customer engagement in the contact center. You may have great specialists with high efficiency metrics, but those metrics may not mirror customer satisfaction scores. And, if it's not good for your customer, it certainly isn't good for your brand.

You know about the benefits of spontaneous dialogue and want your customers to go away with a positive brand experience, but are you unclear on identifying and creating communication masters in your call center?

Remove the shackles of the script

Most exchanges with high efficiency scores and low satisfaction scores probably fall within the transaction design: conversations based on resolving business needs and garnering issue resolution metrics; or the interaction design: adding scripted social components to the script.

Both transaction and interaction designed conversations may seem rehearsed and disingenuous to the customer, even if the issues were resolved on the first call. To retain high resolution metrics while leaving the customer feeling satisfied, engagement specialists must have the shackles of scripted dialogue removed.

Communication masters are both born and made. You probably have numerous hidden communication treasures in your call center, just waiting to be discovered and transformed into masters.

Creating master communicators: Where do you begin?

  • Identify the born masters: Allow your supervisors to identify and mentor natural communicators in your call center; embrace the concept of trusting your engagement specialists to be the customer face of your brand.
  • Make an investment in human capital: Dedicate training time to develop specialists able to engage in spontaneous dialogue without sacrificing resolution metrics. Teach rapport building and techniques to remain present in the conversation. Launch peer mentoring programs as your training program is established.
  • Trust your front line: Allow spontaneous dialogue, and devote resources to on-going coaching and mentoring, it will grow your customer satisfaction scores and fill your call center with communication masters and brand-builders.