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Wearable Technology: A New Channel for Customer Engagement

Wearable Technology: A New Channel for Customer Engagement

Research Reveals Nearly 70 Percent of Consumers Say They Are Ready to Engage with Brands via Wearable Tech Devices

According to research conducted by ACCENT now STARTEK, the key to a successful customer engagement strategy via wearable technology is to first understand how consumers use wearable technology. From fitness monitors to smart watches to clothing, wearable tech is the new frontier in customer engagement. This new channel can help brands deepen their customer relationships, build brand advocates, and reach new audiences through wearable technologies, giving them access to be with the consumer as they move throughout their day

The findings from the survey entitled, "Brands, Are You Ready to Engage with Consumers through Wearable Tech?" were conducted in the spring of 2015. The research revealed consumer behaviors and perceptions on wearable tech, and provides insight on ways that CMOs can improve their customer engagement strategy across all channels.

"Wearable technology is a natural extension of online and mobile channels and quickly emerging as the latest channel of consumer engagement," stated Roger Huff, director of social media & digital strategy for STARTEK. "Our research found that through wearable technology devices, brands have a direct line of communication to their customers – putting them at the center of the conversation and truly creating a personalized experience."

Key findings in the report include:

  • Over one-third (38%) of men are most excited about smart watches; yet four out of five consumers surveyed do not plan to buy the Apple Watch
  • 68 percent of women say they are most excited about fitness wearable technology, so are 56 percent of Baby Boomers
  • Three out of four Millennials believe wearable tech is a new way consumer brands can engage with customers
  • Half of all consumers surveyed say they would buy wearable tech so brands can send alerts and have more insights into their lifestyle

"Customer engagement leads to customer retention and more value from the customer," stated John Hoholik, chief marketing officer at STARTEK. "With today's empowered consumers behaving differently across channels, it's up to CMOs to listen to the customer and develop a personalized engagement strategy across all touch points, including wearable tech devices."

To better understand the habits of today's consumers, the company surveyed over 1,000 consumers who own or plan to buy wearable tech this year in February 2015 through an online survey. Responses were collected from both male and female respondents, ages 18-60 in the United States.

For more information on the survey findings of "Brands, Are You Ready to Engage with Consumers through Wearable Tech?" download the document below.