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STARTEK Careers in the Philippines

STARTEK has a holistic approach in employee retention and engagement. We view employees as individuals who have different needs as illustrated in our Brand Warrior Employee Value Proposition (EVP). The EVP takes into account compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition, quality of life and career, and personal growth.

Employee Value Proposition

Compensation and Benefits

We offer excellent compensation and benefits for our Brand Warriors in both the monetary and non-monetary variety. On top of our equitable base pay and health care, employees also have the option for convertible leaves and tuition reimbursement.

Rewards and Recognition

Our rewards and recognition programs range from individual, team, account and site categories covering performance, culture building and community involvement.

Quality of Life

Employees’ quality of life is enriched through our employee wellness programs, employee perks and most importantly and opportunity to connect with kindred spirits through our Genuinely Interesting Guilds (GIGs), which range from Arts, Sports, Outdoor, and Lifestyle and Community.

Career and Personal Growth

We place a high premium on our employees’ careers and personal growth. Employees are encouraged to complete their college education or pursue post graduate course work through the tuition reimbursement benefit. In additional to outside education programs, STARTEK University, our online learning program, allows employees to reach the next step through our Supervisor and Manager Prep Series. Shadowing and mentorship is worked into these programs to assure our employees are ready for their career advancement. In 2011 alone, we hired 76% of new leadership positions from within.

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