STARTEK has extensive experience in a number of industries.

Cable & Media
STARTEK is committed to continue to be major provider in the cable and media industries. We are dedicated to attracting and investing in top industry... More
The financial industry sector is no doubt volatile and ever changing. Challenges over the past few years have impacted financial companies' ability to... More
Health Services
With changing regulatory demands, market dynamics and customer behavior, health systems are facing unprecedented challenges that require payers,... More
The retail industry is no longer just brick and mortar structures but has expanded online in an exponential way. The increase in the development of... More
Keeping up with the technology industry in this fast paced, evolving world is challenging. New products and services enter the marketplace at... More
STARTEK’s client roster includes some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, providers of wireless voice, messaging, and data. With... More
We understand the shift that is taking place within the education space with the advent of new technology, teaching, and students’ learning... More
Energy & Utilities
The energy and utilities markets are currently one of the fastest changing industries in the world. STARTEK offers a wide variety of services to meet... More