Healthcare on the Cusp

With changing regulatory demands, market dynamics and customer behavior, health systems are facing unprecedented challenges that require payers, providers and suppliers to reorganize their workflow, deliver more value to patients, and reduce costs and complexity.

While the cost of financing and delivering care is expected to increase, reforms are further escalating administrative and compliance costs, adding pressure to trim operating expenses. Moreover, an aging population and changes in the health system are pushing demands higher, as payers compete for new enrollments, and providers manage increasing patient requirements.

Payers, care providers, supply manufacturers and all businesses in the healthcare ecosystem are therefore expected to offset the shrinking margins by turning to reliable support partners who will deliver process change, and cost arbitrage.

STARTEK Health is focused on helping the Healthcare industry by delivering better business outcomes. With over 27 years of experience in providing business process solutions, we help our clients identify operational inefficiencies, areas of improvements and cost reduction.



Health Services Services

Member, Provider & Broker Support

STARTEK Health offers licensed and non-licensed enrollment and population health management services and support for your members, providers and brokers aimed at reducing costs, while at the same time managing and maintaining loyal members and providers.

Provider Support Services

STARTEK Health solutions for providers are designed to improve efficiencies in clinical outcomes through process optimization. We work with you to improve and streamline your processes and to help share the burden of patient needs and their ongoing care through lifestyle, disease and case management.

Technical & Customer Support

STARTEK Health’s technical support specialists will become experts in the use, installation, maintenance, and repair of your devices. We also offer remote patient monitoring, sales and supply chain support and payer/provider coordination -all designed to be a seamless extension of your current workforce.

Pharmaceutical Support Services

STARTEK Health offers a wide range of services, all designed to transform your operations, increase customer service excellence and help you manage your sales processes and data.

From pharmacy benefits management to provider and payer coordination to verification and enrollment calls, we can help you transform your customer service.