Digital Analytics: Reinventing CX and Insights

Jun 2, 2020 5:00:38 AM

It is no secret that access to greater amounts of data has been driving a change in the way brands reach out to their target consumers.  For the better part of the last decade the words “big data” has been the buzz term in conference rooms as brands try to gain additional insights into their customers and increase leverage and market share over their competition.  As marketers have led the way with gaining an ever-growing access to customer data, a new champion has begun to emerge when it comes to providing insights to CMOs, and it’s not who you might expect.  That’s right, we aren’t talking about your digital, social media or marketing agencies.  We’re talking about a new kind of agency with insights that many marketers have never tapped into appropriately; we’re talking about your customer experience  agency.

Now we know that “customer experience ” and “agency” might not seem like two terms that have traditionally gone together.  In fact, when many business professionals think about customer experience and service, they think about the call centers of the 80’s and 90’s that answered phones and made outbound calls, but things have changed.  With the growing access to data and the consumer move to digital contact methods, Startek has made the digital transition with our partner brands as well as the consumers that we support.  We’ve taken the leap and embraced the access to customer data from our clients.  As such, Startek now begins all new client partner relationships by accessing stakeholders from operations, IT, marketing, social media, ecommerce and the list goes on.  Any area of customer insight that our clients decide is important enough to store in their data warehouse, is looked over by our team of customer journey mapping experts.  We evaluate various types of data that we can access to provide the best possible brand engagement on behalf of our partners. 

At every point in the customer interaction, Startek is storing data from those interactions as well as data from previous interactions across the multiple channels that the customer has chosen, to communicate with a brand.   While marketing and social media agencies are able to provide brand sentiment analysis based on social media chatter or campaign feedback, Startek is able to pull verbatim sentiment reports based on 1 to 1 customer interaction with each brand that we support. 

 Startek utilizes a mix of structured and unstructured text and speech analytics focusing on specialist notes, free text conversations from SMS, email, web chat and social media as well as public digital conversations surrounding each partner brand.  This not only provides our clients with real time data on what topics are of importance to their customers, it also provides them with actionable insights on what levers to pull to optimize their business goals.  We provide our client partners with insights that many times cannot be obtained in any other way.  These insights enable our partners to increase sales, decrease customer churn, increase customer satisfaction, and the list goes on. 

As consumers continue to make the shift to increase their brand conversations digitally, now is the time to understand as much about those 1 on 1 conversations as possible.  Now is the time for brands to add a new agency into their mix of digital partner agencies.  Startek has the experience to provide your brand with digital analytics and insights that your brand may not have known were available. 

 If your brand has the need for more meaningful and actionable insights from your customer engagement analytics, reach out!