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STARTEK Spotlight: Mansfield Center

The brand warriors at the Mansfield Center have a great thing going -- they’re driven, motivated, just competitive enough, and most importantly value one another for the qualities they each bring to the team. The Mansfield site has grown a lot over the past few years and the team has evolved right along with the business while still maintaining their humble and hungry philosophy. 

Mansfield is a very diverse contact center in terms of the industries it serves. The team provides inbound customer support, back office assistance, outbound sales and social media support for popular retailers, as well as advanced technical support and activation services for telecom and financial clients.  

Here’s an inside look at what makes the Mansfield Center shine:

  • Our People: The foundation of greatness. The family-first atmosphere and supportive team environment is undoubtedly the best part about the Mansfield Center. They help each other to grow as people and professionals.
  • Our Values: The Mansfield Center Brand Warriors “Bring It” to stay on top. Healthy competition among team members inspires a creative, driven culture that works together to be the best. 
  • Our Facilities: Several on-site rooms provide fun, brand-inspired work spaces for the team.
  • Our Community: Mansfield was the top site for STARTEK fundraising in Q3 2015, contributing more than $4,000 to support the local community.