Startek®: Your open enrollment partner

As a leading CX solutions provider, we support the seasonal needs of healthcare insurance providers across the U.S. Our teams are experts at working alongside incumbent providers to meet the needs of both members and providers during the critical open enrollment period.  

We are actively scheduling our resources across onshore, nearshore and offshore locations for the 2023 open enrollment period. Capacity is limited. To discuss your open enrollment CX support needs, fill out the form to contact us today.  

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Achieve a seamless open enrollment ramp-up with Startek®

Maximize speed to hire  

Our talented and tenured talent acquisition team oversees a seamless virtual hiring process that allows candidates to be contacted, interviewed and receive an offer in as little as 24 hours.
Leveraging the latest applicant tracking software (ATS) and HR management system to manage the associate experience from job posting to departure, we minimize the applicant-to-hire ratio, enabling effective high-volume hiring. 

Augmenting our skilled in-house team’s resources, we also work with dedicated recruitment agencies to bolster speed to hire for seasonal needs.   

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Fast-track training and proficiency 

The progression from training class to production floor can be a daunting experience for new customer service agents. Effective training is required to minimize agent attrition and meet member expectations but lengthy training periods are a heavy burden for seasonal ramps.  

The award-winning Startek® Agent AI supports our agents across the globe to onboard faster and upskill more efficiently and is proven to slash training times. And, in the live environment, our AI-based tools continue to support agents delivering real-time next-best-action prompts, ensuring the every member receives the same high-quality experience regardless of which agent they connect with.  

Cost-effective ramp down 

As open enrollment comes to an end, the ability to effectively ramp down to business-as-usual operations is an important consideration.  

While open enrollment may end in January, the influx of inbound inquiries will taper off more slowly. Startek will work with you to forecast your weekly resource needs based on your internal data and the Startek-managed volume run rate. Through close collaboration with your internal team, we will ensure resources are scaled back in line with demand to minimize costs while maintaining member satisfaction. 

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Mitigate business risk

Your business-as-usual contact center operations may be supported by one or more CX solutions providers. From increased scalability to improved geographic reach, you extend your business resilience by adding new vendors to the mix. And by diverting open-enrollment volume away from business-as-usual teams you can protect the long-term performance of your contact center.

And that’s not all, a short-term agreement with a new provider gives you a low-risk opportunity to test new approaches, uncover more efficient ways of working and understand the potential long-term fit of a CX solutions provider.

Get the support you need for open enrollment ramp up 

Open enrollment is a critical time for healthcare insurance providers and their members. It is an opportunity to bring onboard new users and engage and retain existing members. However, healthcare providers can find their business-as-usual contact center operation overwhelmed by the steep influx of inquiries.  
To meet member expectations, providers must be ready to ramp up resources quickly in line with demand. But ramp too early or onboard excessive resources and you risk spiraling costs. Conversely, ramp too slowly or with insufficient resources and you risk member engagement. 

Startek has the solutions you need to effectively ramp up your support services and achieve a planned ramp down, seamlessly meeting member expectations and achieving your business goals. To discuss your needs, contact us.