Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement


STARTEK provides customer experience support throughout the lifecycle of our clients’ customers. These offerings include customer care, sales support, inbound sales, complex order processing, accounts receivable management, technical and product support, up-selling and cross-selling, and other industry-specific processes. Our ability to provide these services is enabled by leveraging technology, agent-performance tools, analytics, self-service applications, and various other tools that enable and empower our Brand Warriors.

Our most dearly held and fundamental core value… the one that permeates every aspect of our STARTEK operations and culture, is the value of relationships. Whether established with our clients or employees, STARTEK places tremendous focus on building trusted relationships established on mutual respect, cooperation and investment in each other’s success. It’s at the very heart of our BRAND WARRIOR calling – to stand behind every team member and to stay focused on the end goals of success for our clients’ brands.

IDEAL Dialogue

In addition to the customer service training all STARTEK Brand Warriors receive, we offer IDEAL Dialogue, a training program designed to improve the customer experience through engaging conversation. Through intensive study and over 50 years of research on human communication, the IDEAL Dialogue team discovered critical deficiencies at the core of customer service. The IDEAL Dialogue™ Suite of solutions is designed to address those deficiencies and achieve the ideal customer experience. Find out more and the see the full scope of services offered by visiting the Ideal Dialogue website.

Explore the Ideal Dialogue website and click here to download “The Communication Culture is the Right Culture for Customer Support” which explains the importance of communication.