Best-in-class Technical Support Solutions

STARTEK has been providing best-in-class technical support solutions for some of the world’s largest companies since 1998. Through our experience, we have identified and developed best practices for delivering levels of technical support that fit our clients’ ever-changing needs. STARTEK delivers high-quality, customized technical support solutions for all stages of the customer lifecycle, from basic troubleshooting to advanced technical support—for both businesses (B2B) and consumer (B2C) support.

The customized technical support solutions that we design for our clients enhance productivity, reduce defect rates, improve customer satisfaction, strengthen customer loyalty, and drive first-contact resolution at a Tier-1 level—all while decreasing overall operational costs. To learn more about a successful solution designed for our client click here.



STARTEK Connect is a menu of cloud based managed service solutions. We’ve partnered with the best of breed technology providers or developed proprietary solutions that can be delivered separately, or bundled to answer your business needs.

Instead of investing in support systems, our clients can focus on what they do best and leave the technology, systems and processes to STARTEK. Our cloud-based technology platform powers all of our solutions including the STARTEK@Home division.

 The security and reliability of our managed services are a cost-effective, time saving and productive solution to your technology needs.

Our value as a partner goes far beyond cost reduction and into a strategic partnering model, where our processes are constantly aligned with our clients’ business objectives and contribute to the growth of their businesses.

STARTEK Connect Service Offerings: