Keeping Pace With Technology

STARTEK excels at delivering to the technology sector. Currently, our clients are developing products we often support online. For example, in our partnership with an in-flight technology provider who was challenged by how to reach customers and monitor successes, a core group of agents, dedicated to monitoring and reacting to social media, was able to resolve their issues, resulting in dramatic increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

Our capabilities include: inbound and outbound sales, account management, customer care, retention, technical support and up-sell and cross sell.

We have been providing device support for a wide variety of communications vehicles for our clients for the past 15 years. STARTEK’s core strength is extensive, proven experience in each function of the customer lifecycle along with flexible, customized customer contact center solutions. To read more about how we supported our client with customized solutions click here.


Technology Services

Customer Care

We provide customer care management throughout the life cycle of our clients’ customers. These programs include management of customer acquisition, service activation, renewals, account inquiries, complaint resolutions, product information and billing support. These services are aimed at seamlessly managing the relationships between our clients and their customers in a manner that cultivates customer retention and loyalty.

Sales Support

STARTEK has provided inbound sales support since 1993. We have learned what skills and traits reap good sales results and how to care for customers so they become loyal and spend more. Today, we support various types of B2B and B2C sales programs. Also, the majority of our client programs incorporate an up-sell/cross-sell strategy.

Technical Support

STARTEK delivers high-quality, customized technical support solutions for all stages of the customer lifecycle, from basic troubleshooting, to client specific tool support and advanced technical support—for both businesses (B2B) and consumer (B2C) segments. The customized technical support solutions that we design for our clients enhances productivity, reduces defect rates, improves customer satisfaction, strengthens customer loyalty, and drives first-contact resolution.

Receivables Management

STARTEK creates best-in-class, cutting-edge receivables management (RM) solutions through our focus on increasing cash flow, while reducing recovery costs, delinquencies, and losses in revenue. We apply effective collection strategies that incorporate our vast amount of customer care experience—along with our continued focus on customer retention—to deliver results that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Back Office Support

STARTEK has over 27 years of experience providing back office services for some of the largest companies in the world. We currently have over 1,200 full time employees providing back office support for our clients and provide these services at a very competitive price. We use best in class processes but consistently look for ways to improve and innovate whenever possible.


STARTEK’s NextGen platform refers to the applications and technologies that we use to gather, provide access to, and analyze the data and information about company operations. With access to this level of business intelligence, we can offer our clients a more comprehensive view of the factors affecting their business, for example, metrics on sales, production, and internal operations, thereby, help them to make better business decisions.

Multi-lingual Support

Our global presence gives us the leading edge in recruiting and supporting the various language requirements of our clients. STARTEK@Home is our virtual solution and represents eighteen U.S. states, which further diversifies our talent pool and increases our competitive advantage.This solution allows us to be selective in our hiring process, giving us the ability to hire customer care agents with language competency needed by our trusted partners.