Startek helps leading technology businesses stay ahead of competition in these volatile times. Our brand promise: digital CX that delights your customers and drives growth.


From hyperlocal start-ups to global tech giants, it’s hard to find a business that’s left untouched by cloud or edge computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics or the Internet of Things. As a leading driver of pervasive change, tech firms have broadly defined the innovation roadmap for all segments of the economy. But in this everything-as-a-service phase, even the most sophisticated businesses in technology are no less vulnerable to marketplace and CX related shocks than their competition.

In addition, the pandemic has demolished demand forecasting models, disrupted the office economy, and unsettled regulators over matters of contactless aftersales service. With protectionism at a peak rarely seen before, wireless connectivity protocols, safety standards, data storage, and cross-border trade in tech products and services are all open to geopolitical uncertainties.

The net result is demand fluctuation and increased cost of servicing warranties for differentiated products amidst calls for localization of customer data and a unified customer experience. With its digitized suite of CX solutions, Startek can help.

Customer care and sales support Customer care and sales support Customer care and sales support

Customer care and sales support

Our technology experts elevate CX, nurture leads, enhance conversions, and reduce churn. Customer care focused digital solutions supplement our agents and bridge the gap between maximum digital customer self-service and real time guidance for live agent-customer engagements.

Technical Troubleshooting Product support and troubleshooting Product support and troubleshooting

Technical Troubleshooting

High-quality, multi-lingual support solutions from basic troubleshooting to advanced technical support—for both business to business and consumer segments, helping you focus on innovative products while leaving the servicing queries to trained Startek technology experts.

Renewals & collections Renewals and collections Renewals and collections

Renewals and collections

Manage receivables by increasing cash flow while reducing recovery costs, delinquencies, and revenue losses. We apply effective collection strategies that incorporate our vast amount of customer care experience—along with our continued focus on customer retention—to deliver results.

Analytics & Insights Analytics & Insights Analytics & Insights

Analytics and Insights

Whether it’s our near 3-decade long experience in re-engineering the back office or the success ratio of our flagship analytics solution in decoding customer behavior, our team of multi-lingual CX experts are here to help enhance your focus on customer-centricity, growth and innovation.