Digital natives revolutionized CX across banking and financial services and encouraged customers to question their relationship with traditional banking providers. Today’s banking customers want the best of all worlds, expecting simple transactions with intuitive digital solutions and live support to be readily available for more complex needs. At the same time, they want low fees and protection from cybercriminals.

Carefully planned customer journeys designed to meet low-complexity needs in low-cost channels while enabling escalation to live agents when needed are essential to attract and retain customers in banking and financial services.

Case studies

     Banking and financial services

    Improving CX with Startek® Interaction Analytics

    The challenge

    Our client, a top-five banking and financial services provider, needed to quickly ramp up support for customers. Government regulations required social distancing in response to COVID-19.

    The Startek® solution
    • Deployed 160+ agents using a hybrid working model
    • Leveraged Startek® Cloud to enable 80% of agents to work from home while ensuring adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements
    The results
    • Maintained adherence to security and privacy policy requirements
    • Enabled customers to be serviced despite a global pandemic

    Your trusted CX partner

    Trusted by the banking and financial services industry for more than 30 years, Startek® has the expertise you need to deliver world-class CX.



    Supporting voice and non-voice services



    Global delivery with local flair



    Building stronger customer connections



    Trusted by leading brands

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    From the ground up: My Startek® success story

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    Startek GPTW 2024
    Startek® earns prestigious recognition as India’s Best Companies To Work For 2024 

    Startek® named one of India's Best Companies To Work For 2024 after earning Great Place To Work® Certification™.

    June 2024

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    Startek® earns top honors in Comparably Awards for Best Career Growth and Best Leadership Teams 

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    Startek® wins 8 awards at W.E. Global Employees’ Choice Awards, including CEO and CHRO accolades for top leadership.

    June 2024

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