In the cable, media and telecom industry, where the cost of switching is low for the consumer, brands must constantly compete to retain their customers. With as many as 48% of consumers opting to switch brands in search of better service, providers must focus on their customer experience (CX) delivery to stand apart.

For customers, the services provided by cable, media and telecom operators are part of the fabric of day-to-day life. As such, their expectations have risen. A highly tech savvy consumer base wants more than voice-based support, expecting intuitive 24/7 support and easy-to-access digital solutions.

Case studies


Delivering best-in-class social CX with Startek® LISA

The challenge

Our client, a leading telecom company, wanted to create a more engaging, brand-led experience across social media channels.
Startek worked in partnership with the client’s business transformation, marketing and customer support teams to develop a consistent and brand-appropriate experience.

The Startek® solution
  • Implemented a 24/7 social media strategy leveraging Startek LISA
  • AI workflows, enabled through the Startek LISA technology, streamline interactions and provide insights through detailed analytics
  • Monitor 100+ data sources to effectively track and manage customer comments and concerns
  • Deployed multilingual support teams
  • Integrated front and back-office support teams for a consistent end-to-end experience
The results
    • 15-minute query response time
    • 6-hour critical issue resolution
  • Fastest industry query response time (as measured by client)

Improving customer satisfaction with Startek® Interaction Analytics

The challenge

Our client, an Asian telecom operator, wanted to improve their NPS as a strategic lever to increase penetration in the market.

The Startek® solution
  • Customer journey mapping revealed a need to deploy self-service solutions
  • Automated backend solutions
  • Deployed Startek® Interaction Analytics to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience
The results
  • 5% reduction in customer complaints and escalations
  • End-to-end visibility of customer experience
  • 45 NPS


Startek has been a crucial partner in Telkom’s journey to success. Their excellent track record has seen Startek remain one of our preferred partners in the managed call centre industry./blockquote>

Albertus Venter

Consumer Operations


Your trusted CX partner

Trusted by the cable, media and telecom industry for more than 30 years, Startek® has the expertise you need to deliver world-class CX.



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Case studies

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Startek® AI Coach delivers 33% increase in customer satisfaction

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Case studies

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