Transform CX paradigms with Startek® Generative AI to deliver memorable experiences fueled by human ingenuity

Startek® Generative AI ensures intuitive experiences for both agents and customers across self-service, workforce management and analytics

By 2025, Gartner forecasts that 80% of customer service and support organizations will use generative AI to enhance agent productivity and CX. Generative AI holds transformative power across all aspects of business, streamlining operations, expediting processes and enhancing productivity. Yet, realizing its benefits demands a solid strategic approach. Startek® Generative AI solutions are your gateway to transforming CX operations and driving better business results. From revolutionizing agent training to automating routine tasks and analyzing customer sentiment to personalization, we're here to enhance every aspect of your customer experience journey.

Startek® Generative AI solutions

Agent Experience

Transform the onboarding and training process with interactive, AI-driven modules. Engage new agents in realistic simulations and role-play scenarios, receiving instant feedback and tailored coaching to enhance skills efficiently.

Equip agents with personalized insights and gamified challenges through Generative AI's analysis of interactions and performance metrics.

Empower agents with in-the-moment support across voice and non-voice channels.

Self Service

Enable customers with voice-based and text-based self-service options for effortless issue resolution and enhanced satisfaction.

WFM and Compliance

Accurately predict call volumes for efficient workforce planning and analyze trends to forecast scheduling and workforce distribution.

Automate quality assurance by analyzing communication transcripts to flag areas that fall short of standards, ensuring consistent service quality and compliance.

Extract insights that shape strategic decisions and operational enhancements in contact centers. Identify patterns to suggest improvements and anticipate future trends.

Startek GPT

Provide concise and actionable insights, summarizing customer interactions and feedback for agents and management, enhancing response strategies and customer service tactics Automation: Automate routine tasks and responses to minimize handling times and enhance efficiency.

Analyze customer sentiment in real time to guide service adjustments and enhance customer engagement strategies for agents and managers.

Generative AI-powered transformation elevates FCR and reduces handling time

case study scaled

Our client, a multinational electronics and hardware manufacturer, sought to enhance First Call Resolution (FCR) and reduce handling time for voice and chat processes. Key challenges included:

  • Expedite query resolution
  • Ensure documentation accuracy
  • Address high average handling times (AHT) and inaccurate information impacting FCR

Implemented Startek Generative AI-powered Knowledge Management Solution (KMS) to:

  • Expedite query resolution
  • Automate information summarization
  • 80% of chat agents improving AHT by 10% to 22%
  • 60% of agents enhancing Voice AHT by 10% to 25%
  • 50% of agents achieving FCR improvements of 30% to 50%

Why Startek®?

Startek® Generative AI: Delivering value in every customer interaction

Agent co-pilot

Support agents real-time during interactions for boosted confidence and consistent service delivery


Tailor responses based on customer preferences, fostering deeper connections and loyalty

Sentiment analysis

Analyze customer emotions in real-time, enabling agents to adapt for more effective interactions

Predictive analytics

Anticipate customer needs for proactive problem-solving, driving satisfaction and loyalty

Conversational efficiency

Utilize advanced natural language processing for prompt and accurate responses, reducing wait times and boosting satisfaction

Streamlined coaching and training

Identify performance gaps and provide real-time feedback for continuous agent improvement

Multilingual support

Enable seamless communication across languages, enhancing inclusivity and satisfaction

Gamification for learning

Engage agents with interactive training modules for increased knowledge retention and motivation

Supercharge your CX with Startek® Generative AI

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